Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Every Journey Starts Somewhere...

I used to think that in order to do a blog 'the right way' I would have to start at the beginning. 
So anyone who reads it would get what was going on right away.
Then I realized that jumping in where I'm at is what works best for me and I have had wonderful experiences doing just that when reading other peoples stuff.
So here's a big thanks to those who have no idea yet (I'm going to suck it up and join as a follower right after I write this) that their style and class have brought me into the fold.
This blog will be mostly about my move from the Great Northwest to Southeast Texas, and then of course anything else that is on my mind (my 'most stellarly interesting' family rates high among the anything else...).
So to begin with, I am here living in an enjoyable limbo of having my husband look for a job where we want to live while studying for his next test that he needs to pass for his chosen career.
I continue to work my part time, great, non-traditional, I could do it anywhere job.
We are definitely fortunate in that we are not some of the many that must search for work these days.
I am oh so grateful for that.
Yet we both are beginning to get a little antsy about this process.
There are many reasons why we are choosing to embark on this project now.  I will get into that later.
The important part is that the adventure is beginning!
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