Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some 'Lin'teresting Musings

OK, so I admit it.  I'm caught up in the 'Lin'sanity!  What the heck is that you say?  

If you don't know what I'm referring to you might want to check this out. 

Let's just say that for the second time within the last year I find myself super excited about sports.   First it was Tim Tebow.  Now it's Jeremy Lin.  And my husband would tell you that's it's just plain hilarious to see this in me. 

Sure once in a while I can get into watching a live sporting event.  Not really for the sport of it, but more for the event part.  I like a good time as much as any, but I'm no sports buff.

I'm not usually such a bandwagon jumper and I know really very little about basketball.  So what's the big fascination for me?  How did I get so wrapped up in this?

I've thought about it between exciting spazzed out viewings of the talent that is Jeremy Lin and I think I've stumbled upon something.

Sure we all love a good underdog story or a hard fought for success.  It's just plain refreshing.

But it isn't just that simple.

There's been other sports stories that I could have taken or left and believe me, I've mostly left them.

No, this type of story is what rocks my world.  Because it's not just a 'tried hard and finally made it' kind of story.  (Though there's certainly nothing wrong with that kind of story.)

The aspect that gets to me most for either Tebow or Lin has to be the fact that they do what they do in their own way

Never mind that both have had their skills questioned at times.  Never mind how people think it's weird that they glorify their savior while they're at it.  Never mind that some have counted them out before they really hit their strides.  Never mind that many people think that the mechanics of their respective games are unorthodox. 

For me, that's the best part.  Yes, indeed.  I do love me some 'I may not do it like I'm supposed to, but I can rock this' attitude. 

Really, who couldn't get swept up in some of that?

Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong. 
       - James Leo Herlihy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

Hope you found the baby in your King Cake!

I have wonderful memories of the one time I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I hope to do it again some day soon!  Love that zydeco music too...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Turning A Minus into A Plus

Yesterday I was really annoyed at having been accosted yet again by someone I feel should really know by now that they ought to just leave me to live my life as I choose.  I have sent no mixed messages.

So when this person's 'gift' of stalkerishness and intimidation arrived on my doorstep I was ready to just heave it in the trash.  It brought back fear and a sick feeling in my gut.

But then I got to thinking.
The gift is not tainted simply because of who sent it. 
There is good in the loveliness of the gift even if the sender isn't lovely at all.

So I removed the offending manipulative note, retied the lovely pink ribbons and put my own positive spin on the whole situation. 

I took the gift and its' new possibilities and placed them on the porch of my elderly neighbor.  She lives alone and I felt certain that she could use a thrill this Valentine's Day.

I was surprised to get the nicest thank you call ever.  I knew she hadn't seen me put the item on her porch, so I wondered how she figured out it was me.

That's when the gift really started to do its' magic. 

My neighbor said that she and another neighbor had been talking and they decided that it had to have been me because I am just the kind of person who would leave such a nice surprise.  They could think of no one else who would be so thoughtful 'just because'.   It just had to be me.

Wow, what a gift this has become for me, after all.  So glad I didn't give in to that initial negative impulse. 
There is always good that can come out of absolutely anything.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving On

My definition of psycho goes a lot like this:  when somebody hasn't had contact with you in almost a decade and they decide that it's a good idea to send stuff and call repeatedly for a period of time every couple of years just to see if there's an opening there, you can be pretty sure they're most probably psycho...

Just to be clear- No, there's not an opening.  And this is just psycho bull$h*t.  And I'm not putting up with it any more. 

In the words of our local sheriff: I deserve a peaceful life. 

I'm no longer going to think twice before I open my door or answer my phone.  I'm not going to feel like a hostage in my own home or anywhere else. 

Allow me to put a message out to the universe since I'm pretty sure you haven't found this blog (and I'm oh so grateful for that) -
You don't own me.  I have my own life hard fought for and hard won.
Hope you're not too psycho to heed your cease and desist letter. 
The law is on my side and I intend to end this for good this time.
Remember: you're on felony probation so I wouldn't mess with this if I were you.
Just sayin'.
Laugh often, love much, live well.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Southern California Isn't Really A Full Time Option

Most of you are well aware of my quest to leave the dark and damp Northwest and get myself to living in a warm weather place.  I have many reasons for this and the warm sun is only a part of this dream, although a big part.  The other two main reasons are a lower cost of living and overall lifestyle. 

Southern California is a place that my husband and I love to visit.  We have been there at least 9 times over the last 15 years.  We love Disneyland, the coast, the desert, the weather.  We are even planning on purchasing a second home in Palm Springs this year.  There are actually quite a few companies that my husband could work for in the L.A. area.  So what's the issue?  Why wouldn't we consider moving to California? 

Well... being as I am a big believer in the idea that freedom and common sense really do belong together, it's time for me to come out and say that even if California could somehow come down to earth with its cost of living, I would never actually be able to live there as a permanent resident. 

Allow me to explain.  If you would kindly click on this link: and try to get through the entire article without dying of laughter, I think you'll understand.

Turns out I like Frisbees and footballs year round and I can't even imagine having to bring a measuring device into my next sand digging expedition!  Californians, I love ya, but you need to get real...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Backing Down

My apologies to those who are tired of all the medical talk.  I would usually be right there in that camp with ya, believe me.  However, this is a big part of my life at the moment so I gotta' get it out there.  I will be oh so happy to be on the other side of this once we get past May 16.  That's the day that my husband's surgery will happen and then we get to work towards recovery. 

As for now, today was the day for the last pre-op visit regarding my husbands big reconstructive surgery.  This time we saw the muscle specialist.  She was NOT as happy-go-lucky, touchy-feely as our hernia doctor.  She does come with wonderful credentials and everyone says her work is impeccable.  The doctors can't all be somebody we'd like to hang out with, right?  I guess it's good to have a dose of reality to go along with my hopeful attitude.  Balance is a good thing.

So here's the low down:  Because of the original massive infection there isn't a whole lot of abdominal muscle tissue left to work with.  That means that my husband will need to have a lot reconstruction work done using some of his oblique muscles in place of most of his abs.  Realistically, we can expect to see a return of about 80% of his original core strength level.

Now usually I like to say that I am neither optimist or pessimist, but a realist.  In this instance though I am totally going with the optimism.  There is no other way to go here.  We may be faced with the idea that nothing will ever be the same and that we shouldn't expect too much, but I'm just not accepting that.  Everything we have been through so far has shown me that I should expect more than anyone would imagine. 

I am still feeling...

Photo credit:
Two and half years ago when this all started, my husband and I were living a pretty charmed life in so many ways.  We had many things to be thankful for and life was pretty predictably good.  It felt as if we had exceeded all expectations for how others thought our lives would probably turn out, considering where we both come from.  And yet, I don't think we really got it that there was so much more waiting for us.

And who could have guessed it would all happen because of my husband coming through a near death experience? 

I know people say that certain major life experiences change them for the better.  They say it all the time.  It starts to feel cliche'.  But it isn't a cliche'.  Not when you're living it.  And I am no different.  I believe that this is changing us for the better.  Even as we go through it I can see how this whole thing has made me capable of dreams I never could have dreamed before, in a pretty direct way.  I have literally gone from being thankful that my life is finally just pretty much 'normal' to believing that's it's actually OK to voice my craziest desires aloud.

One of my all time favorite inspirational pieces of art:  
Check out those road signs!

Art credit:
There is something about already having been through hell that makes me know for certain that my husband and I are going to make it back as well.  And when we do get back, we'll be stronger than ever, ready to tackle anything else that comes our way.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Can Do Anything For Six Months

I can do anything for six months.  Yup, I have said that phrase so many times. 
I have used it often to refer to a particular stint in a real estate management office downtown that proved to me that many adults are way more childish than any children ever could be. 
I am heading back to my trusty saying yet again.  I can do anything for six months.

I have stated recently that I would like to start cutting back on my work load.  While I am grateful that I have work to do in these times, I have felt that my home runs more smoothly when I am not overloaded at work.  I still stand by this. 

However, I have also put it out into the universe that I would really like to realize a dream that my husband and I share of purchasing a vacation home in Palm Springs, CA.  So you can see how these two goals might clash a little bit with one another...

Over the past week I have received no less than 3 requests from my 4 major clients to do some extra projects for the next while- covering about six months time to be exact. 

Funny how that's kind of my threshold for doing things that I don't really want to do before I get really burnt out.  Funny how the end of that time frame would put me right at the point when we are planning to start property shopping (in the summer heat when no one in their right mind would look to buy in Palm Springs).  Funny how when you say something, you'd better be ready to put your money where your mouth is. 

I'm grateful.  And I'm doin' it with a smile on my face.

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