Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving On

My definition of psycho goes a lot like this:  when somebody hasn't had contact with you in almost a decade and they decide that it's a good idea to send stuff and call repeatedly for a period of time every couple of years just to see if there's an opening there, you can be pretty sure they're most probably psycho...

Just to be clear- No, there's not an opening.  And this is just psycho bull$h*t.  And I'm not putting up with it any more. 

In the words of our local sheriff: I deserve a peaceful life. 

I'm no longer going to think twice before I open my door or answer my phone.  I'm not going to feel like a hostage in my own home or anywhere else. 

Allow me to put a message out to the universe since I'm pretty sure you haven't found this blog (and I'm oh so grateful for that) -
You don't own me.  I have my own life hard fought for and hard won.
Hope you're not too psycho to heed your cease and desist letter. 
The law is on my side and I intend to end this for good this time.
Remember: you're on felony probation so I wouldn't mess with this if I were you.
Just sayin'.
Laugh often, love much, live well.


  1. Yellow Rose - since I don't know all the background to this I will just say I hope you are safe. Take all the precautions necessary. It sounds like you can take your part but be careful.

  2. Been there. Sucks bad. Restraining orders rock.


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