Sunday, December 15, 2013

Traditions Revisited

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Somehow, this is the year.  After almost 20 years removed from a totally different life that was never of my choosing and 10 years away from the very last vestiges of said 'other' life, I am finally ready to come full circle in accepting some good things that do exist from that life.

But isn't that the thing?  Always learning that nothing and no one are all good or all bad....

I'm still working on that.

This Christmas time it has all manifested in a feeling of acceptance that is washing over me.  A feeling that I will pass along some of what I am to my loved ones and that those parts of me that came from those I was influenced by, in one way or another, will make something worthwhile to share.

In my effort to embrace this idea that I can glean the good out and keep those things, I have found such peace.  It is a gift of great proportions.

Although so many of my childhood friends and their families are pretty much either incarcerated, dead or lost in some other way, I have figured out that I carry so much of what is good and wonderful and true about them.  And I can use my super sharp memory to pick and choose the great parts and keep them, close to my heart.

This year I am revisiting old recipes, Christmas memories, silly fun times, loyalty known only to those who share a certain kind of life; really just the simple things that are true of all human beings no matter what the situation.  It's like a sweet secret in my heart that allows me to bridge some of the old life with the new that is so absolutely different.  It's fun to know that the good stuff can always remain, no matter what.  And people are people- and there's good in them.  Always.

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I wish a true peace this Christmas season, for anyone who shares my life now and to those who have influenced who I am and will be.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's The Little Things- A link back to Barb at: This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life)

Barb posted an interesting little ditty about the little things that make her tick and then asked others to share their own -and I actually had a moment and felt inspired to participate, so here goes!

1) Bubble bath that fits the season.  Right now I'm into gingerbread scented.
2) A dress that hits in all the right places and even makes my thighs look thinner.
3) When little kids figure out that we have a candy dish that is open to ANYONE at ANY TIME!
4) A stranger that smiles back at you.
5) The times when I feel badly that I'm running late and then the other person is too!
6) Warm puppy wiggles
7) Adopted plants that turn out to be super cool
8) When that thing that I would really like to have, but can't possibly pay 'that' much for goes on a good sale
9) A warm house and a furnace that has 3 nice blue gas flames going
10) Unexpected sunshine!

Here's the link back to Barb's original post:
This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life): It's The Little Things

Care to join in?


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one getting a little behind with the blogging this Christmas season!

It's funny that somehow this year I don't feel so rushed or squeezed and I don't even feel too guilty for what I don't have time for.  Maybe, since I'm about to turn 40, I've finally learned how to prioritize or something like that.  Ha! 

Actually, the fact that I'm helping out with homeschooling my nephew may be the real reason that I'm not quite able to keep juggling all my usual balls and may also be a good reason that I'm willing to drop a few of them.

So for now, I will wish all my blogging friends good tidings of great joy and say that I will pop back in as time permits.  Have a good one, y'all and enjoy everything and everyone the holidays bring to you!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Musical Monday: Your Christmas Song

Ok, I kind of checked out there for a week or so... sorry about that.  I went down to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving and got a little caught up in the sun and relaxation.  To be fair, this was the really the first time since we bought the place a year ago that we actually spent the whole time playing and not working!  But enough of that...

I did finally respond to your comments on my last post- I have really begun to love the back and forth of the comment section, on everyone's blog it seems.  And I am now ready to jump back into the fray.

So, without further ado-
It's Musical Monday!!!  The feature that appears here with some regularity is back today!

Today's theme is Christmas songs.  Some are great.  Some are annoying.  But what I want to really get at today is that ONE Christmas song that really hits you.  The one that when you hear it, then it's really Christmas time.  So, today, I'm asking for your active participation.  Hit me up in the comments and tell me what your song is!!!

For me that song is Dan Fogelberg's 'Same Old Lang Syne'.  Until I hear it, I usually don't feel like the Christmas season has really arrived.  It always takes me by surprise when I hear it come on the radio and it always makes me stop and listen.  It has to be spontaneous and coming through the radio or it doesn't count for me.  As an example:  last year I was putting up sun filtering curtains in my Palm Springs condo and 'Same Old Lang Syne' came on and suddenly I wasn't in the desert trying to block out sun that comes blaring into the windows at 6:30am;  I was watching snow turn into rain.  Like most of my holiday memories, this song is so very bittersweet.  I just love it.  It encapsulates so many of my feelings about Christmas time.

So now you...  What's YOUR Christmas song?  Or if not Christmas, then what holiday music does something magical for you???
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