Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's The Little Things- A link back to Barb at: This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life)

Barb posted an interesting little ditty about the little things that make her tick and then asked others to share their own -and I actually had a moment and felt inspired to participate, so here goes!

1) Bubble bath that fits the season.  Right now I'm into gingerbread scented.
2) A dress that hits in all the right places and even makes my thighs look thinner.
3) When little kids figure out that we have a candy dish that is open to ANYONE at ANY TIME!
4) A stranger that smiles back at you.
5) The times when I feel badly that I'm running late and then the other person is too!
6) Warm puppy wiggles
7) Adopted plants that turn out to be super cool
8) When that thing that I would really like to have, but can't possibly pay 'that' much for goes on a good sale
9) A warm house and a furnace that has 3 nice blue gas flames going
10) Unexpected sunshine!

Here's the link back to Barb's original post:
This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life): It's The Little Things

Care to join in?



  1. Hahahaha. Loved #2. Aren't slimming clothes fantastic????

    I am also a huge fan of sales. It is so nice when that item you wanted goes on Sale. Who doesn't love a bargain???

    1. I have tried very hard this year not to buy anything that doesn't make me feel absolutely fabulous. I mean every day should be a skinny day, right?!
      And I am so bad about sales pricing that I just cannot stomach paying regular price for much of anything other than maybe food at the grocery store and even then I hardly ever do it.

  2. I'm so glad you joined in and I love your list. The one about the candy dish made me laugh because we could never sneak into Grandma's no matter how quiet without her Thank you for the link back to my blog!!

    1. Funny! Ours is one that can also be heard by the clink of the top, but I don't ever stop anyone. Sometimes parents feel the need to offer a little guidance on quantity, but luckily that's not usually my place to deal with.

  3. I wish I could find #2! And #5 is just fantastic, isn't it? Great list!

    1. Oh yes, it may be more challenging to find something great for you right now! I will say that you often have to be open to something you don't think will work and I'm surprised at how often the item that is cheaper or a thrift store find does the trick.
      And oh man do I love, love, love when I'm running late and it turns out that it doesn't matter!

  4. #9 is really important to me. I'm not a decorator but I like a warm, sunny house. This is a good idea.


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