Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Warmth In Georgia

My husband had an actuarial professionalism course in Atlanta, GA earlier this month and I was more than thrilled at the chance to get away from the gray for a bit!  AND, I got to meet a fellow blogger whose stuff I just love.
While in Atlanta, we got to check out the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
 I'm sure by now you've figured out that pictures of plants and flowers are near and dear to me. 

We spent an evening in Olympic Park, taking in the Christmas Lights.  The Coca Cola museum next door had some fun stuff all lit up as well.  It was fun to watch the Coke bottle change colors.

We also took a walk DOWN Stone Mountain, after having taken the tram to the top.  It was 74 degrees that day and the weatherman was joking about Atlanta becoming Miami.  We didn't mind at all!

As the sun set, we appreciated again how much those in the South really do enjoy their Christmas lights.  Stone Mountain park completely lit up!

Our little taste of Christmas in Dixie showed us just how different things are in the South, especially for the holidays.  It seemed as if we were being told 'Merry Christmas' by smiling people everywhere we went.  Everything was so done up!  There was music and shows to take in.  We didn't have to huddle under cover or run through the rain.  We were able to be out and enjoying the sights.  It was such a fun thing for my husband and I to experience.

AND yet, I have to say that meeting Robin over at YOUR DAILY DOSE was probably the biggest highlight and the warmest moment of the trip for me.  She was just as I had imagined and more.  Robin is bubbly and bright and fun and oh so warm and welcoming, despite everything she goes through health-wise.  I know lately she hasn't posted much, but do read her when she manages a post.  It's well worth it!

Now I am looking forward to meeting more bloggers IRL more than ever.  After seeing and talking with Robin, I'm just sure that it would be a wonderful experience. (No, it won't make me post photos of myself or more specific information about me here.  I have a convicted felon mother who has threatened my husband with a 357.  She knows where I live and gets all worked up when anybody talks about me.  Reading about me would probably send her over the edge.  Enough said.) 


  1. I am so glad you drove over, too. Only wish it could have been longer!!!!

  2. wow! that's a lot of lights. How pretty...stone mountain..isn't that wherea huge confederate battle took place. And cool that you Got to meet robin..and lol, love the small print. I take it your mother is hard of seeing. Hugs.

  3. @ Christine- actually I did the small print because I hate to even bring the subject up. Maybe in my mind the small print is a whisper... If my mother even knew about this blog at all she'd be making my life hell. With pictures, she would know for certain that it was me if she ever stumbled upon it (or was told by well-meaning friends grandmothers who seem to think my life is still her business...ahem...). This way she would have to dig for a while to put two and two together- and THAT, she is not so good at. Absolutely no patience... ;)


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