Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Wish I Was Better At Posting- Just Because

I get kind of hung up on the idea that if something is going to be put into the written word, then it needs to be kind of super meaningful in some way.  And I wish I didn't do that so much.  Cuz' sometimes blogger gold is just a little tidbit that somebody shared and the meaning comes from those who read it and then it's all really cool...

Man, I wish I got how that worked a little bit better.  Anywhoooo......

This post comes courtesy of my nephew Nathan, because he actually DID tell me to tell everyone about this:

I got a call from one very happy and proud 10 year old boy today.  He told me that he had caught 6 fish today.  In less than two hours.  One of them was a rainbow trout that was 16 inches long. 

I love fishing and I have NEVER been that good at it.  

So here he is.  The amazing fisherman boy wonder:
Don't ask me why Nathan likes to wear his life jacket UNDERneath his coat!

Have I mentioned that I just absolutely love that kid with all my heart?! 

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