Thursday, June 6, 2013

An American Heart: Part I

You may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the edge of the blogging planet here for a bit.  I didn't really mean to, but it happens occasionally.

There seems to be two situations that cause me to have trouble keeping up with my blogging.  The first being a question of time.  Sometimes I'm just up to my ears in work and sometimes I am up to a whole bunch of fun.  Either way, a lack of time equals a lack of blogging.  The second scenario is one that is more recent and may just be personal to me.  You see, I just don't seem able to blog so much when I am up to my neck in worry over whatever in the heck is happening to the country that I love...  (I know, I know.  I shouldn't let it get to me so personally and yet I don't always win the battle to remain positive.)

Recently, I have experienced BOTH of my blogger delaying scenarios.  Today, I will stick with the positive.

As far as the being busy in a fun way, there was another trip back down to Palm Springs for Memorial Day week.  We did make it to the Flower Drop at the Palm Springs Air Museum and it was completely awesome!

There was a solemn beauty in the desert this past Memorial Day as a Mitchell B-25 Bomber was escorted onto the runway:
She started up and was off to complete her mission:

The fantastic piece of WWII history buzzed over the crowd three times:
 That third time was the moment of the magical flower drop:
The White Carnations represented our military members lost from and prior to WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The Red Carnations were for those lost in more recent wars including The Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pride spilled out in the form of tears for so many in the crowd as we focused on the brave Americans who had given everything that these red and white carnations represented, falling against a perfect blue sky.  I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like it.  This really was a meaningful way to spend Memorial Day. 


  1. That was a very special Memorial day. Thanks for posting all the photos. We get vicarious visuals to be "there" too. Must have been especially thrilling to see all the carnations dropping from the sky.
    I get all hung up in what happening to our country too but I mostly have to keep it to myself because if I speak out, the sleepers think I'm just a senile old woman. If I were younger, they may listen a little. Ha

    1. Part of what is so appealing about Palm Springs is the wonderful resource that is our seasoned citizens. I love listening to their life stories and they always have wisdom to impart.

  2. What a neat way to celebrate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. That is a fantastic way to celebrate Memorial Day. Not many people can say that they have seen a WWII bomber take to the sky. And that flower drop caused me to shed a few tears... and I wasn't even there. I can't imagine how powerful that was Live and In Person.

    1. I was actually pretty shocked at what I'd gotten in the photos when I went back and looked at them. At first I was bummed that I never got the whole airplane in the frame with the flowers spilling out. But then I realized how well I could tell the story of what I had actually seen and I loved the photos after all...
      It was a very emotional experience and so very special.

  4. Great shots! Thanks so much for sharing. And you've been missed, but I get it, life sometimes just gets in the way. Chin up!

  5. Those photos and your post give us a sense of hope, which often fades these days.

  6. Beautiful photos. What a great way to spend Memorial Day.
    I just showed the photos to my 8 year old son, he loves planes. We recently did a unit study on WW2 and were able to go visit an aircraft museum here and see a plane very similar to the one shown in your pictures.

    I get the same way with blogging. It has been so busy that I have not had the time, and when I have had the time I didn't have anything in mind to post. :-)

    I've been meaning to email you too, maybe I'll actually get that done tonight.
    Hope you nada wonderful time in Palm Springs!


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