Monday, August 5, 2013


Every time I hear the song 'Easy' by Sheryl Crow I tell myself that I need to look up who Jack Johnson is, because of the line that she sings: "We'll play Jack Johnson.  He's the new Don Ho."

Here's the video for Sheryl Crow's 'Easy':

Well, I finally looked up Jack Johnson and I have to say that although neither he or Sheryl Crow will be changing the world anytime soon I sure can hear why Jack Johnson might be just what I need right now.

Please have a listen to my new rain escape.

As I have accepted that I will most likely be here in the Northwest for yet another non-summer season or two I will definitely be loading some Jack Johnson music up for my next foray away from reality.

How about you?  Who or what helps you get through the times that it seems you would like to be somewhere else in space or time?


  1. I can't believe that you are only now just discovering the awesomeness that is Jack Johnson. Welcome to Wonderland:)

    1. I realize I've heard some of his stuff, but didn't know who it was.
      The stuff they don't play on the radio is even more interesting.

  2. I don't know who he is either but I live in a mushroom cave. He has an easy-listening voice and I love that bluesy song. Good West Coast Swing tune. I never listen to words of a song.... I just hear the beat. Is it about rain? I do know a lot of the lyrics from the old, old songs, though.

    I know this makes me sound really boring but I usually like it where I am. Even if it is picking up rocks. (That will be my work until the snowballs hit me in the bum.)

    1. Of course you would hear the beat more than anything! A dancer never leaves the dancing world.
      It is good to be happy and satisfied with where you are. Are you where you started out in life, geographically? I feel like if I had ever chosen this spot is not where I would have ended up. Of course, I do see that there are a lot worse places I could be. Heck, I could have been born in Detroit!

  3. The Northwest isn't all bad. All things considered, some pretty great things have happened to you where you are and you are making a difference. Bloom where you are planted and all that trite stuff. Take care.

  4. Writing helps, music wise, I go for Gypsy Kings or blues/jazz. Hang in there, sweets!


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