Friday, October 1, 2010

You're Moving Where?!

Having lived all my life in one of those places that many people seem to believe is ideal, you get used to certain attitudes and assumptions- that the seasons here are the 'real' seasons, that there is only one temperature range that human beings can actually survive in, that here is normal and all else is well... crazy.
People seem very comfortable with the idea that where they live is superior to all other options. 
Then one day, if you dare to challenge that and do something like oh... say that another place might be an interesting and/or good experience, boy do you get an earful.
Now that I've really settled into 'it's not an if but a when' we will be moving away, I'm getting a real taste of what it might be like once I become an 'outsider'.
Apparently, I will lose IQ points upon crossing the border of our state and even thinking about staying away for any extended period of time.  I will also encounter mad, rabid, gigantic animals of all sorts.  I might even pick up some sort of strange accent that could be very hard to shake, like some kind of chronic disease or something.
With the horrors of huge bugs and hurricanes looming, one might be tempted to just stay put and never leave the cocoon that is 'the ideal place'.  I've even been asked if I'm worried that my dogs might get heart worm.
Seriously, no place is truly perfect.  But some might suit certain people better than others.  And there's really no way to find that out without just biting the bullet and going for it.
So I understand that there is much to where someone comes from.  But I never want to be one of those people who refuse to experience something different and admit that it's good.
I've been attached to one place for a very long time and I've only just begun to embrace the idea that I might actually want a change.
So I'll take my chances that I might regret the day that I ever left, knowing that something wonderful is just as likely to be waiting for me.
What's the worst place you've ever lived?  What about the best?


  1. I have lived in quite a few states and my opinion is that all places have their pluses and minuses. When I was a kid we lived in central southern Florida. I don't think I have the best perspective b.c. it was all I knew. However, my mother says that it was really hot there in the summertime and I believe it. We moved to Ohio (home for my parents) when I was in the 5th grade. I grew up there. I went to college in Michigan. In fact, it was right on Lake Michigan. Now, that was the COLDEST place I have ever lived. And snow. Lake effect snow. It was lots of snow and cold. After I college, I lived in New York City for two years. That was cold and windy. The wind whipped around those buildings in the winter. Winter in the north is just painful. The summers are nice, but the north is just bad. Sometimes it is so cold it hurts to breathe. Now I have lived in Augusta and Savannah, Georgia. Both are nice in the winter but so HOT in the summer. I have also lived in north Florida close to Jax beach. That is probably the best place I have lived in terms of the climate. Nice summers because of the breeze off the ocean and nice winters. Now I am back in Georgia missing that lovely Florida weather. I also spent a summer in Colorado. I loved it there. But, I don't know what the winters are like. My understanding is that they get snow. I am anti-snow now, so I don't think that is for There is no worst place. They all had good traits. I think FL was the best.

  2. worst place...fayetteville North carolina.
    Hot, ugly, squatty buildings, high crime, sandy, fire ants, pine trees and just plain boring.
    Best place...has to be colorado. I have lived here for 10 years. we thought about moving and every place seemed inferior.
    So we stay.
    Beautiful weather, beautiful view of themountains. Good people, good job base..tons of stuff to do, activities etc. Good schools.
    Great homeschooling environment, good Christian environment (focus on the family is right up the road!)


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