Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas?

Just when I thought I had some kind of hold on what might be happening on the job hunting front- nope, not so much.  After the excitement of finding out that two employers are interested, there has been no word on the actual upcoming interview dates.
So, I do recall saying that it would be fun to spend Thanksgiving in Texas this year.  I meant that it would be good to have Thanksgiving in Texas because I was hoping that we might be lucky enough to get all settled into a new place before the start of the holiday season.  Not that I wanted to be hanging out in a hotel in Texas during Thanksgiving week.  I guess you have to be careful what you ask for...
In the meantime, we're hosting a great big Halloween costume and pumpkin carving party.  Should be a great time.  And most importantly, my Nephew's latest custody hearing went very well for his father.  There is now serious progress in the quest to get that little boy some real stability in his life.  I have to admit that I never believed that fathers have a tougher time getting custody of their kids if the mothers were unfit, but I have to say I was so wrong.  Over the last three years I have seen my sisters life go from bad to horrific and no one seems all that worried about what happens to a child in her care.  I have actually heard a judge declare that a mothers drug use doesn't necessarily affect her kids.  Please...what planet do you have to be living on to think that kids don't hurt when their mom puts drugs before them?
For now, I'm grateful for the important stuff getting closer to a resolution.  I'll enjoy some of the lighter side of life and I'll try waiting patiently for some news on the job opportunities in Texas.


  1. That comment about drug use and child care... makes you wonder what planet that judge is living on. I am thinking that all judges should have to "live" in the down and dirty on their cities for a couple of weeks out of the year so that they understand their rulings. That way they would know how stupid comments like that are.

  2. It was very difficult for us to get full time custody of my two step sons. Once we did, the birth mother totally disappeared. Not literally, she still lives three miles away. She just chooses to not give a crap about her own kids.

  3. ????? crazy about drug abuse. It's illegal for starters..and kids definately get the short end of the stick when the parents decide to be irresponsible. I hope your nephew gets placed in a safe environment soon and your sister can get some help. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog.


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