Monday, November 29, 2010

Dog Day

Today, as I anticipate a pretty heavy phone call and contemplate the possible results of my husbands latest phone interview, I'm going to do what ER doctors often tell people to do to keep calm.  I'm going to think about my dogs. 
Dogs are just about the coolest things there are.  They love unconditionally.  They can do cool tricks.  They get me laughing uncontrollably.  They have attitude and style all their own.  A dog can sense how you are feeling and help you get through even the roughest day.  A great dog is a godsend.
I have 2 dogs.  The first one is a Boston Terrier.  He is nearly 14 years old, which is very senior for a Boston Terrier.  He is my first dog that I ever had after moving out of my parents home.  He is the 4th Boston Terrier I've shared my life with.  It is said that Boston Terriers are high strung and this guy is no exception.  His personality is such a presence in my everyday life.  He is ball obsessed and still loves a good romp even though he doesn't see or hear too well anymore.  In his older age, he seems to have lost any inhibition and likes to tell us everything that is on his mind with a loud and long Owwwroooo...!

My second dog is a dog that we rescued.  She is a chi weenie- half chihuahua, half dachshund.  My husband really wanted a chihuahua and I wasn't so sure about that, as I had one that was tiny and shook all the time when I was I kid.  I eventually agreed to a mix, so it would be a little bit bigger dog.  When I first brought this dog home I still wasn't so sure that a chihuahua of any type was the right choice.  She was fragile and seemed so sad.  She had been 1 of 38 dogs in a puppy mill.  She was bred at least 3 times and she was only 2 and 1/2 years old.  But then, over about 6 months, she bloomed into just about the best dog ever!  She is now a spring with fur and absolutely the most loving little thing anybody could ever want.  She is smart as a whip and has the coolest way of communicating.  If you ask her if she wants to go outside or wants food, etc.  She will answer like this-  A slow motion spin means: 'I guess so' and a fast series of spins means: 'You've got it.  That's exactly what I want!' and finally, if the answer is 'no', she will just just slowly walk away. 

These 2 add so much to my life.  I can't really imagine life without a dog!  Do you have a dog?  Or a cat?  What does your pet mean to you?  Tell me about it!



  1. We have 3 dogs. We are dog crazy. And they all have their own personalities. I wrote a blog on one of them already. Shelby. The Princess Dog. Molly. She has enough herding instinct in her that she constantly herds Delilah. Delilah is a terrier mix and is laid back enough that she ignores Molly. However, she is The Diplomat. The Protector. It is a Dog Show here all the time.

  2. I have an 8 month old kitty, Vevie, who thinks she is a dog! She was a rescued kitty, and we soon discovered she was "different."

    She likes to play tug-o-war. She will play fetch with little thrown toys. She likes to nose around on the kitchen floor while I prepare food, and chow down on any little pieces I might drop, just like a dog.

    And I always know when someone comes to the door. Her head pops us in Alert Mode, then she scrambles down and makes a beeline to the front door. I swear, she'd bark if she could!

    Yep, definitely half dog, half kitty.... a Ditty!


    PS: I know the sentencing news will be hard on you, but please remember you did the right thing, and the next generation will be blessed for it.

  3. At Robin & Loretta- Love hearing about people's cool pets. Yours sound loved and unique!

    At Loretta- Had a good, much needed talk with an understanding friend today. I've almost digested the sentencing news enough to write about it...


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