Monday, January 10, 2011

It Doesn't Have To Be Pink

Whew!  Catching up with all the great blogging that went on while I was away has been exhausting.  But I just couldn't stand to think that I might miss out on some parts of the 'stories' that I am now happily wrapped up in...
Anyway, whilst I clean up my way overloaded hard drive in an effort to share some vacation photos with y'all, here is the gift that I made for my friends new baby.  Yes, the special little one that was born more unique than most that I wrote about in an earlier post: To The Third Power.
I love giving girlie gifts that are NOT pink at girl baby showers.  Don't get me wrong, I love pink.  But it's fun to give something that will stand out among all the pink that is naturally given.  Besides, I don't really dig baby showers in general because of all the ooohing and aaahing so this way I don't add to that reaction in general.
The material for this project was purchased on a whim the day after Christmas and then when this baby arrived 5 weeks early on the 27th I knew just what that material was meant for.  I added some very soft white material and it became just right for a nursery that is done in a ladybug theme.  I gave the blanket as the gift for the baby and the pillowcase as a surprise for the 'big sister'.


  1. I followed the link to the post about her, and was touched by the beautiful poem her Daddy wrote for her, before she was ever born. What a Dad! She is blessed to be born into such a loving family.

  2. Yellow Rose: Off topic, but for the record, I think your non-traditional flare toward politics is kind of cool. Don't ever be hesitant to speak your mind. That is what makes us great. Texas is a cool place. My son lives in San Antonio. Be well.

  3. That is a beautiful blanket. And I too went and checked out the link. love the poem, and once I read it I remembered it.


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