Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I learned from a 'Sun Break'

Boy do I feel like I missed a bunch while I was away!  My friend had her baby, a month prematurely and now I need to get crackin' on that blanket I was planning to make.  (I'm really good with a project that only requires straight seams.)  The baby is well.  All the bloggers seem to be up to so much what with the New Year here and all.  It was worth it though, to be in sunny weather like I won't see here in the Northwest until at least May.  It wasn't quite summer weather, but I'll settle for warm spring-like temps. instead of the freezing cold we had here.  I will post some pictures from the trip as soon as I get them loaded up onto my computer. 
So I learned a few things from this little get away:
It turns out this was just the right time to step out of my 'real life' for a moment.  I missed out on some family holiday drama that ended up taking care of itself.  Seems I keep getting the message that sometimes it's best if I just leave things alone.  My worrying doesn't often change things, at least not for the better.  Maybe I can finally stop getting that message, if I will just heed it.
I also really experienced first hand that, at least for me, waking up to the sun shining makes a real difference.  I've never thought of myself as having Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I could be wrong.  All I know is that even though it was still a bit chilly that sunshine just made my heart sing.
Just a little indulgence and luxury really does do me some good. 
If you do a ton of walking (like at least 5 miles a day) you can eat out a whole bunch and come back a pound lighter than when you left!  That, my friends, is amazing.
Lastly, petsitters who leave my bathroom and kitchen trashed will NOT be hired again!  I always make sure the house is spotless before I leave for a vacation so I can relax upon my return, not needing to clean things up right away.  I am a bit of a domestic goddess and don't appreciate those who can't see that their mess does not belong in my domain.
Happy New Year, everybody!  Here's to a fabulous 2011 that I hope will find everyone just where they want to be, doing just what they want to do with those that they cherish!


  1. I just read something on someone's blog about lightbulbs that really do work for seasonal disorder. Of course, I didn't write the information down and I don't remember whose blog it was, but there can't be that many lightbulbs for that sort of thing, can there???? Anyway, that person swore by them! And maybe if I think about it long and hard enough I will remember who it was...

    Oh, and glad you had such a nice trip and that the world continued to turn without you:-)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, for several reasons. Plus a couple of valuable lessons.

    I was going to mention the lights, too. I have bright color-corrected lights in the room I spend the most of my day... supposed to simulate sunlight. I love them, and it is quite cheerful and bright.

    A pox on the sloppy housesitters! What happened to the maxim "leave it like you found it"?!

    I especially agree with staying out of all the "drama". I'm trying to do that more and more... and it's much nicer. Life throws enough at us without going and looking for more, LOL!


  3. Glad you got some time away. I think it's always good for the soul, no matter how long or short it may be.

    But, it is definitely nice to have you back.

  4. The sun really does make a difference!
    Glad you took some time to spend in the sun!

    Glad you also missed the family drama.
    Will be fun to see some pictures!


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