Monday, August 22, 2011

A Nephew Update Full Of Happy

Hi All- this one is for everyone who has suffered through some of my sad posts about my nephew, Nathan.
In the time since he has been living with his Dad, some amazing things have happened.
Here is a short but meaningful list.
1) Nathan uses eating utensils now most of the time and is still learning to go for a napkin before he automatically uses his shirt or pants.  Not that different from most 9 year olds!
2) He has learned to respect peoples personal space much more. 
3) The 'needy' vibe is way lower.
4) Nathan speaks of things other than video games and transformers.  He still loves these things, but his world has gotten much bigger.
5) Nathan's vocabulary has exploded!  He uses great big grown up words with tremendous regularity.
6) He is learning about what he loves and is interested in.  It is amazing to watch him be a normal kid who doesn't spend all his time 'gauging' Mom's current mood.  One fabulous example of this is when we took him to a local music museum.  The stuff on display wasn't all that interesting for him, but something magical happened when he put on a pair of headphones in a room that houses all kinds of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia.  His face lit up and he declared that "you've gotta hear this.  This is really good stuff."  His Dad told me that he was pretty sure that Nathan had never heard any Jimi Hendrix music before.  A couple of days later, at the baseball game, Purple Haze was played in the stadium and Nathan immediately recognized that "great guitar stuff" again. 
Just exactly how blessed am I to be able to witness this amazing transformation?  Yup, hope springs eternal.


  1. There is always hope. I appreciate this outlook on a very tough situation. I send positive thoughts and vibes to all of you.

  2. I am happy for Nathan...and for you.

  3. Awesome!
    So glad to hear your nephew is doing so much better! Sounds like he a bright future ahead of him! A good home with his dad, a safe home with his dad and an aunt there to cheer him on!

    And Jimi Hendrix should be a requirement for all kids to listen to at least once!

    Glad things are going better for him!!!

  4. First, I'm sorry for the disappointment over the job. It's so hard when we dare to get our hopes up, only to have them squashed. But I know that YOU know, it will come, at the right time, from the right place.

    And this is a wonderful post on you nephew's progress! Yay!! How encouraging that must be for you, on his behalf. :-)


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