Sunday, August 7, 2011

T Minus...

These are my t minus numbers for the next day or so regarding a job interview for my husband in Texas!

(4) In just 4 hours I will be taking my husband to the airport.

(14) At 6pm central time my husband will have dinner with a few of his prospective co-workers and others.

(30) 8am central time will be the beginning of a long day of interviews for my husband.  It seems as if he will be meeting just about anybody and everybody.

(62) The number of hours before my husband will be back home and hopefully have some encouraging and maybe even exciting news to share!


  1. Oh! Oh! Fingers crossed!!! Where is the interview?

  2. While my husband would freak if I gave out too much info. (he's all weird about following rules or something like that- imagine, he is in actuarial after all...) I will say this. The interview is in San Antonio. Shouldn't take you long to figure out where.

  3. Wow. Things are really rolling along. Fingers crossed for you.


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