Monday, October 24, 2011

The Salton Sea

Less than an hour from Palm Springs, purely by chance of nature and her seemingly random musings, the Salton Sea is currently the largest lake in California.  Yet is also one of the strangest areas I have ever visited.  (And I make a point of seeking out the unusual.)
A beautiful blue, seemingly an oasis in the desert where recreation and waterfront property abounds...

 Where Date Palms grow heavy with delectable fruit...

But then, look closer...  Among the lovely 1950's neighborhoods with streets that all seem to include the word 'beach' in their names is the truth about this desolate place.

At some point, it became clear that this 'French Riviera' in the California desert was never really ever going to be.

Those idealistic dreams halted just as quickly as they started.  All building stopped abruptly and eventually most people fled from the Salton Sea as the realization set in that the water would continue to get saltier and saltier.

The sea became uninhabitable for most life.  Only certain bird species remain.

And some sort of wicked Dr. Seuss-like forest...

The origins of the Salton Sea are somewhat confusing and there seems to be a natural cyclical force at work here.  Still, you can't help but feel as though it is somewhat sad to see what might have been and what never was.  The smells are fierce and the flies are numerous.  I consider myself pretty hardy, but even I could not take an extended exposure to this place.  It was fascinating and yet not a place I would probably ever return to.

Below is a you tube video that I feel portrays the area very well.  I never did make it to the 'God Is Love' area.  Remember to pause my music player.


  1. I tried to comment the other day but my computer was being a bit grumpy. So we'll see if it works this time...

    Your pictures are great. I watched the video and my hubby even sat down and watched it with me. Wow. What a place. I had never heard of it before, but it's very interesting. And beautiful in its own way.
    Hubby said he thought it would be an interesting place to visit sometime.
    Looks like, through your last few posts, that you've had a nice vacation.
    The pictures you have taken are beautiful!


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