Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Husband Is Not A Metrosexual

My husband is proving once again that he is a healing dynamo.  He was released from the hospital yesterday with the doctor letting us know that this is the earliest she would ever let someone out after what he had done.  And he's already off the narcotics and only taking naproxen sodium.  Yeah, the doctor also says he's really tough.  No kidding.

But before he left the hospital he did get the chance to experience something amazing.  Something he would never have experienced any other way.  See, since he's not the type to go have a spa treatment or something then my husband would never have thought to have someone do a body polish on him.  Well, right before he left the hospital that's exactly what he got.  It was part of the service the hospital prides themselves on as a brand new state of the art facility that also integrates non-western ideals of medicine.  

A beautiful African woman from Cameroon came in and did the body polish right before my husband left the hospital.  He came out all pink and fresh looking.  I asked him if it helped to make him feel better.  He answered that he wasn't sure about that, but that he felt 'very scrubbed'.  HA!






  2. It's so good to hear of his recovery and progress. You have had such a positive attitude through this in spite of the concerns over what was going to happen with this. Good times coming! Take care.

  3. He sounds like my husband! haha! I am so glad he is doing well!!! That is amazing!
    I want a body scrub!!
    Thank you for the comment about the book , I am so glad this part is done! Seems like I have been in editing forever!
    Hope you are having a great & pretty day!

  4. Very polished... first laugh I have had in days. Thanks for that.

    So awesome that he is doing so well. Seems like all of those prayers, positive energy, and your hubby's natural positive energy flow are working well for him. It all will be well:-)

  5. That is hysterical. I don't know if my hubby would have sat still for that one. I keep trying to get him to go get a pedicure with me, but he refuses. It's probably for the best, I'd have to tip them a fortune!


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