Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Husband Has Learned To Listen To Me

My husband is actually a great listener.  It's one of his many fine qualities.

However, for the longest time he just couldn't seem to grasp the importance of listening carefully to my predictions about various things. 

Granted, some of these things are silly.  A lot of them are just good rational extrapolation of current 'goings on'.  My predictions run the gamut from fashion trends, (My poor husband has learned to grin and bear it when he watches me spend a season searching high and low for some clothing or accessory item that I just have to have, only to see a ton of options for said item come out next year when I decide that I don't want it anymore.)  to business processes, (We recall fondly how worried I was that Boeing was rushing toward release of the 787 Dreamliner on 7-8-07.  I predicted this rush would result in an absolute nightmare.  You have to understand that I grew up in a Boeing family and merely voicing this idea was like admitting that I had signed a contract with Satan himself.) and even on to outcomes of politically lead mass transit planning.  (When my husband moved to the Seattle area in 1996, he immediately noticed our lack of mass transit.  Coming from the east coast he just could not imagine such a crappy transit system.  He was thrilled to be able to vote for a new high speed rail system.  I told him it probably wouldn't happen in our lifetime and the money would be totally wasted.  It still hasn't been realized and most of the money has been spent on studying outcomes.  Ooooh, here's my shocked face: =:-0  OK, maybe not that hard to predict considering all of our transit debacles around here.  My friends husband who worked for Sound Transit for a year still thanks me for warning him and helping him find another job just before things got really bad.)

But my husband has had to admit that my predictive powers are rather awesome at times.  Like last night.  When I was distractedly fishing through mail while tossing things into the recycle bin and said that I just didn't understand why the post office was still doing Saturday service.  I said they needed to get rid of it, tomorrow, if they had any hope at all of remaining in business for the foreseeable future.

My husband called me from work first thing this morning and said he didn't know whether to laugh or run.  He says he'll be home around 6pm so I guess he's decided to laugh! 


  1. I do think you are more "Plugged In" than the average person. So there:)

  2. It's called "paying attention". :-)

  3. Even as a husband, I must agree (but it hurts).


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