Monday, March 4, 2013

Onward And Upward

No worries here. 
Annoyed and irritated with this whole endeavour of getting to Texas, but never defeated.

I think back to our other life adventures and heck this trying to move to Texas thing is simply going peachy, in comparison.  So, whatever... I'm over it- for now.

The big news around here is that I'm getting a new mattress delivered on Wednesday.  Yay!  I've been putting this off for about 2 years- thinking that if I was planning to move, then I didn't need one.  But my back and my hips are saying it's time.  So if the worst that happens is that I end up leaving behind a 'practically brand new mattress', well hell there's worse things that can happen.

Like putting your life on hold. 

Really people, we shouldn't ever be doing that. 

'Cuz it's more annoying than an HR department that doesn't read resumes and it can lead to a real pain in the ass. 


"Doctor Does Injection To Patient" by renjith krishnan

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  1. I can't remember what you said your husband does, but has he looked in Bryan/College Station area? Texas A&M is a great university to work for, plus we have all kinds of tech/software related opportunities, if that's what he does. Let me know and I can recommend a few places. Even Houston would be a good starting place.

    As for the t-shirt...
    Here's the seller I ordered from. It got here yesterday and it's adorable. The shirt is super soft too.

    1. Thanks for asking. If there was any way to get us the right contact to get our butts to Texas we would be forever indebted to whoever could do it.
      My husband is a property/casualty actuary, about to achieve the ACAS designation. If all of that sounds like gobbelty gook, you are normal. Actuaries are few and far between. There are about 5400 people in the country that do exactly what my husband does and if we wanted to be on either coast we could do it tomorrow. The issue is that there are not very many insurance related jobs in Texas, especially in the property/casualty field. Yeah, we really know how to make things difficult... However, we know of a couple in the Houston area, a couple in the San Antonio area and a few more in the Dallas area. We have now made contact with 27 different people in Texas in this arena and yet we have found they want people either at the entry level or at the top- really nothing in between.
      But as I have said, we are not willing to give up. We love the Houston area the most out of what we have seen, but anything Texas is better than what we've got going here!

    2. I should also add that my husband has 10 years experience in Natural Gas and is half way through getting accreditation in risk management. So those skills would certainly lend themselves well to a possible position in the Houston area.

  2. As soon as you get your mattress delivered, the job will appear. Happens every time.

  3. I'm with Manzi. Good thing you ordered that mattress.

  4. "Upward and onward" sounds like positive movement to me. At least you're not stuck in a muddy rut.

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