Friday, March 8, 2013


Today I going all theme on ya'.  Let's see how I do...
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That new mattress I got was so waaaay overdue.  The old one was definitely not unlike sleeping on rocks and the new one rocks my socks off- which is pretty hard to do, since it's still wet-cold here in the northwest.Smiley

My nephew Nathan is having his best school year ever!  The principal says she will miss him dearly when he moves up to the new school next year.  Y'all know just how much that rocks my world!

I am having a series of rather pleasant dreams that turn into nightmares because just when things are getting real good my mother shows up totally unexpectedly and ruins everything.  Yeah, sucks rocks.

Rand Paul's old school filibuster was awesome.  And you don't have to agree with everything the man does or says to know that on this particular point- he rocks!

I'm gonna' put this one right here in the middle because maybe that way it won't seem quite so rotten...  I don't wanna' to dwell, just wanna' tell.  Keeping things to yourself can be a bit unhealthy.  So here's the deal.  My sister is about to go to trial.  (She's not as smart as JJ had hoped.)  Through this process of the last of her evidentiary hearings, I have learned that my sister is about to be also charged with criminal abuse of a mentally handicapped person because she used this woman to do some of her dirty work, as she knew that no one would suspect a brain damaged woman.  Makes my heart sink like a bag of rocks.

Because my little pup needs to burn off energy, I have taken to adding an extra walk, first thing in the morning, to his day.   That means that I am now outside at a time that is usually a rain free part of the day.  Around here, that rocks hard!

Only 2 weeks until I'm back in Palm Springs enjoying the warm sun!  Totally rocks!Smiley

Having friends and neighbors stay in our Palm Springs condo has turned out to be so much fun.  Even though of course we wish we were there ourselves, there is certainly something that completely rocks about hearing the happiness in their voices, reading the lovely emails and knowing that there are people in the world who are having the time of their life because we have chosen to share a place we love.
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Rock on, my friends, rock on!Smiley


  1. Rose,
    I never used to think much about mattresses because I could sleep anywhere. I can still sleep anywhere but a good mattress makes sleep more enjoyable.
    Mothers seem to have a habit of doing that. Ha
    Have a stimulating weekend

  2. Well, I am not sure which part of this Rockin' Post to respond to first... I am thrilled about your mattress. Love it that Nathan is thriving. Rand Paul kicked butt on the Senate. I would like to kick John McCain in the butt. Who knew what an asshat he would turn out to be??? Back to Rand, Marco, and the amazing Ron Wyden who all asked the Important Question about Drones in the U.S. firing on noncombatants, kudos to you. For all those Senators who don't give a rat's ass, you can all go Home and climb back under your Rock. As for your sister, maybe hitting Rock Bottom will wake her up. In any case, don't make Her Trauma, Your Trauma. Speaking as someone who is beginning to understand Trauma, it sucks Rocks. That little Tanner is a constant source of joy. Yay for Palm Springs. And double yay for you for sharing the gift of Palm Springs.

  3. Perhaps sis has rocks in her head. I still wish her and your family the best.

  4. I love emoticons!!! :) A good mattress makes for a GREAT sleep!


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