Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Isn't It Funny....? warm and fuzzy Christmas lights can make you feel while you are putting them up in December?

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And then how gosh darned absolutely annoying they can be when you're taking them down in January???

Man, I wish those lights would just take themselves down!


  1. We didn't put up outside lights this year, but did decorate indoors. I have been telling myself for a solid week that I MUST take the decorations down and put them back in the crates. I am still looking at them now. ::blah::

  2. Putting the decorations and lights away is the least fun part of Christmas! Luckily, hubby put the lights and big stuff away for me. I had the pleasure of packing up all the little ornaments!

    I get why some just leave them up all year!

  3. I have the solution! I never take mine down because I live in North Pole are supposed to have Christmas lights. Mine are dusty they have been up so long!

  4. Lol! My husband did it this year.

  5. Sorry I missed this. I've been doing my rhyme really early in the morning and often don't get back on the computer until the next day. I don't mean to miss it.

    One year I remember I threw out the tree with lights and all. You are right.... a big pain to take apart.


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