Sunday, October 19, 2014

Where I've Been

You may have run into a comment or two of mine, so you know I haven't dissapeared completely.  Mostly, lately I have been working my butt off to try and find some decent paid work.  I knew it might be tough here in California as the job market is still not great, but this has been a doozy of an experience.  And while I'm glad that my husband feels its fine for me to just 'hang out and enjoy the great weather for a while', it turns out that I'm not as comfortable with this idea as I had initially believed I could be.  Ah, the beauty of being a motivated person who doesn't give up easily.... But in essence, after 38 tries I have actually admitted to myself that even I can't fix this lack of decent paying work in SoCal.

Here's the skinny if you're interested in my personal job hunting experience in California.  The line of work I have specialized in for the last 20 years involves dealing with personalized services for people who have successful and busy businesses of their own.  I am very good at anticipating needs and have NEVER had trouble being referred to others by present clients.  However, this time around, I have come to find that people here are so strapped by their sky high cost of living- due mostly to mortgage payments that would keep anyone up at night- that they simply can't afford ANY 'extras', even if said extras would lead to a better run life and business.  It is interesting and frustrating- and will lead to us too being unable to afford living in CA sooner than we had originally planned.  And so the cycle continues...

 But hey, let's look at the bright side.  I have a forced break that will make me stop and smell the roses over on the beautiful little Balboa Island which I am so growing to love, I will be more motivated to work harder on my next life project, and of course the California government is busy keeping me safe from those evil plastic grocery bags.  Really, who needs a decent paying job?  Actually, I do.  And the fact that I have been offered wages that I haven't worked for since college makes me proud of the fact that I've learned how to say NO and sorry that California and I will have to soon part.  Oh well, at least I'll be safe from those scary plastic bags.
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  1. Every life experience brings its own lesson (and sometimes the same one with a different face)... but you can't say it's boring!

  2. Often life's realities gets in the way and changes our agenda. Good luck in your search.

  3. Sorry it's been hard finding a job out there. There are plenty here in Atlanta. Good luck with your search!


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