Monday, April 11, 2011

All The Disney Details- Nathan's First Day At Disneyland

Yes, I realize this has been delayed for a bit more than a reasonable amount of time.  Let's just say that the last week has been a deep well of fodder for future blog posts.  More on that later...  Without further ado, here is the post and some photos about my nephew's first day in Disneyland.

On the way down to California, Nathan had rattled on and on all about Lego Land.  And he had wondered why we were only spending one day there and three days in Disneyland.  I kept trying to explain and it helped that my friend had sent books with cool info. and pictures about the resort, but in the end Nathan found out why we would be there for a whole three days for himself.  He did really enjoy Lego Land, especially after waiting a year and half to get there.  However, on the car ride back all we heard about was Disney Land and California Adventure.  I had suspected this might be the case.  He has a heart for Disney just like me.

Nathan would declare different rides as his favorite every day and the list became a great source of humor as he got down to his sixth and seventh favorites and then forgot one and had to start over, reordering the entire list!

Once we finally got to the park, we had to take care of one special request that his grandmother had made.  She said he simply must get a set of Mickey Ears.  So we headed straight to the Mad Hatter and did just that.

 Yup, he chose a pair of R2-D2 style ears!

And he looked so dang cute in them!

We had started in Fantasyland and Nathan's first ride was Peter Pan's Flight.  It was so neat to watch his face as he took in the magic.  It didn't take long though for him to realize that there were some more 'thrilling' type rides in this park as well.  We ended up in Tomorrowland where he discovered what I think is one of his true favorites:

And my husband's favorite- anything with the Little Green Men on it:

Nathan was most into the 'big kid' rides, such as the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Space Mountain.  He also loved the theme rides like the Jungle Boat Cruise and Pirates Of The Caribbean.  Nathan was basically game for anything, even 'little kid' type activities and the only thing he decided that he didn't like were the lines!  That first day, Disneyland was a very busy place.  Thankfully the next two days were a lot less crowded.

We ended that first night with a yummy wood-fire cooked pizza at Naples in Downtown Disney.  It was fun to watch them make the pizzas right there in front of us.

This kid definitely had an awesome time!


  1. How much better can life be?

  2. R2-D2 makes great ears. My son would have picked the same! So glad your nephew had a great time. I don't blame him about the lines. I remember the lines being very long when I was there as a teenager.

    Sounds like he truly enjoyed the trip and will have great memories from his time with his aunt!


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