Thursday, March 31, 2011

All The Disney Details- Part Deux

It has been exactly 4 days since we returned from the Disney spring break road trip and my nephew has already called me today to ask if we can go back this summer!  I let him know that we would probably be doing other new things this summer.  It was a good try though.  I'm glad Nathan knows it never hurts to ask.

So to continue the story where I left off...  After 2 and a half days of basically not much more than just driving, we finally got to start the part of the trip that was the whole reason we went in the first place.  Nathan had always wanted to go to Lego Land and I had always wanted to take him to Disneyland.  So we were gonna' do both.  On Monday, we headed for Lego Land.

Nathan was super excited, but I was a little bit worried because it was supposed to rain.  As we were driving in from a half hour away, we even drove through a huge rain shower.  I knew this would be a real bummer after how long he had been waiting for this and it looked like it probably would be a rainy day.

There was no way I wanted to rain on this kids' parade

But you know what?  Everything worked out just fine for Nathan's special Lego Land day.  The rain never came and eventually even the puddles from the night before evaporated and we got a beautiful blue sky day!

Lego Land had just about anything you can imagine made out of legos.  There were animals, monuments and cities, and even some funny tongue in cheek stuff.

Yes, that dog is doing what you think he's doing.

Nathan's favorite ride was an insane sort of giant robotic arm that would twist and turn you all around in midair.  You get to choose which level you want when you get in the ride.  The levels are 1 to 5.  Nathan did level 5, every time!  The video below is an example of the ride, though not with my nephew on it.

There was also a unique and tasty treat that we tried at Lego Land park.  It was called apple fries.  It was deep fried apple strips with real whipped cream to dip them into.  Apple fries were truly yummy.

What an absolutely fantastic day!  And this was just the beginning...



  1. So fun! My oldest would be ridiculously jealous, too! He's a Lego fanatic. My sister-in-law has taken him out to California twice (he spends six weeks away every summer with her and her husband and my mother-in-law in Tennessee), but they haven't made it to Legoland. This year, they're doing Universal.

    I hope y'all had a fantastic time! And there is NO way I would have gotten on that robotic arm.

  2. I want to go to Lego Land!

  3. I hadn't heard of Legoland... what a fun place to take your nephew!

    Deep fried apples... and I thought I had heard of all the fair food before. Sounds yummy!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Looking forward to the rest of the pics.


  4. You are a great Auntie! I would love to take my nephews there~ they would love it!
    Have a pretty day!


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