Friday, March 11, 2011

Can't Keep A Good Flirt Down

With all that I have read lately about the special relationships of many of my blogger friends with their fathers, I had been feeling a little left out.  As fate would have it, my biological father is just as big of a mystery to me as it would be to you.  However, rather that stew in what I don't have I would like to take a short moment to introduce you to a fun guy that makes a great father figure of sorts.  And tell you about his latest adventure!

This guy is one of the members of a dance club that my husband and I belong to.  He is gregarious, generous, and seriously funny.  He is always there for anyone in a pinch.  Recently, this guy ran into his own difficulty of sorts.  Over a weekend, he suddenly had a very alarming vision loss.  Sure enough, doctors determined that he had experienced a stroke.  He had no other symptoms.  While all of his friends and family were grateful that he was otherwise healthy, we couldn't help but think that this vision loss was especially cruel for our dear friend.  You see, he is an insatiable flirt!  He is super visual in every way and just loves to appreciate the ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages.  Yes, he has a wife and she is super cool about all of this.  He is an older gentleman and this is just part of his personality and charm.  So naturally when I heard about this problem of his, I was saddened to think that this situation might change who he is.

Never fear!  Miracles do occur!  He has worked hard at rehab doing lots of vision therapy exercises and his prognosis is wonderful.  His vision has returned with only a tiny bit of an issue leftover in the peripheral area.  He has already returned to dancing with our club again.  As his wife says: "he thinks he now has an excuse for mistaking a boob for an elbow!"


  1. A great story, with a great ending. I am happy for both of them - and for you.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to know your Father. And glad you found this wonderful role model.

    I was blessed to have 2 Dads. I was actually closer to my step-dad, who died 9 years ago. He raised me from age 10 and up, and was so solid and dependable, and he made us feel safe and loved. We never realized how hard they worked to support all of us (at one time, there were 6 kids in our blended family).

    Reading your story makes me feel blessed all over again to have been blessed with 2 Dads, and I treasure their memories... thank you for sharing.



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