Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All The Disney Details- In A Series

We are back from the Disney trip!  What a great time for my nephew, Nathan, and for us! 
There's so much to tell that I'm going to break this up into several posts because frankly I want to preserve these memories in as much detail as I can and this blog will serve as a perfect way to do that.  I want to remember everything- that my feet still hurt 3 days later and that I'm warding off any and all restaurant food for at least 30 days and even that I never want to stay in the 'kid' area of any hotel for any reason ever again!
I'll start with the fact that the first stop we made was at a Taco Bell and this is literally the first thing my husband pulled out of the bag:


Sometimes the universe has a weird sense of humor...  Can you believe this? 
I don't eat much fast food so maybe this is more common than I know.

Yes, this was a road trip.  We drove down to California, just as we have many times before.  I have had kids in the car on other trips so I know a little bit about what happens when you put a kid in the car for a 20 hour drive.  We had planned to alleviate some of  the pain of wondering, "Are we there yet?" with a tried and true trick of mine.  We had a big red bag full of other smaller bags with surprises in them that Nathan got to open, one bag every two hours while we were on the road.  By the time we got to San Diego this red bag had become the most important piece of luggage in the car.  Nathan would check to make sure it was in there before we took off again.  Who needs a toothbrush when you've got a 'magic red bag'?

In San Diego I had wanted to see the beach.  We have gone as far as Carlsbad before, but never to San Diego.  The weather was beastly on our way down and by the time we got to San Luis Obispo there were winds of 35 miles per hour and it was like being inside a sandblasting machine. 

Everything was blowing all over.

Even the TP wanted to take flight!

The parasailors even had to call it quits.

After only a short time out on the beach, we ended up with sand everywhere- as grit in our mouths and eyes and somehow it even got into our socks!  But no wind, sand or long car ride could stop the smile on this boys face:


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Welcome back!

  2. I like the flying TP. Hilarious. And what a grin on your nephew's face. Super awesome!

  3. great photos - the best is your nephew grinning behind that sign- awesome!


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