Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11, Remember Forever

Don't know why my 9-11 memory story from Friday didn't really show up for most people to see or link to, but here is a wonderful story of a mothers tribute to her brave son- Alice Hoagland, mother of Mark Bingham- who was on flight 93.  Read it here.

I love her attitude and the way she showed courage herself in the advice that she gave her son that day.  And I am impressed by the focus she keeps on what is truly important.  I am loving all the detailed stories that are coming through today of so many absolutely amazing human beings.

Feel free to link up to my memory story with yours, here.
As always, so proud to be an American today and every day.

Check out the progress on the memorial area for those lost on flight 93,
celebrating how they sacrificed to save us from further horrors on that day.


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