Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do You Push Yourself?

As my husband and I have been preparing for his upcoming reconstructive surgery we have been working on increasing his stamina.  He has a desk job and isn't really familiar with pushing himself physically.  He has worked extremely hard even with his current physical limitations and is doing amazing well.  This has gotten me thinking more and more about the whole idea of pushing myself as a human being in general.

I have come to the conclusion that my body does best when I push it a bit.  And also my mind. 

It seems to me that really when we stop pushing ourselves, that's the moment when things start to go downhill.  Now granted that can mean different things for different people at different points in our lives.  But really, if we're not willing to push ourselves some then aren't we just waiting to die?  That may sound harsh, but I can't really justify softening the sentiment when I feel so strongly about what happens when we just settle in and get too comfortable.

I've seen this idea in action many times.  We all know people who have pretty much given up, even at a young age.  They sit in front of a computer or TV and slowly watch their lives slip away.  Or they sell their lives out to long hours at work that don't ever really produce all that much.  Their health goes downhill fast.  They lose their zest for life. 

Meanwhile there are those who seem to make every last drop of life count to its fullest.  I once worked for a 93 year old woman who had always told herself that her home would be ready for visitors at any given moment and she made sure that it always was.  Not only was her home a wonderful and inviting place, but she was a fantastic conversationalist who had clearly kept her mind at the ready for those she would entertain as well.

I almost always feel good when I have pushed myself some.  Sometimes the process is scary and feels a little edgy.  In the end, the satisfaction with learning that maybe there is one more limit that I can break for myself is immense. 

While there is no good reason to do things that we absolutely do not enjoy, surely we all can find something that will stretch us just enough to keep the mind and body elastic and living well.

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  1. Most people settle for so much less than what they are capable of. I find myself holding back from really stretching to do more. I have been doing a lot more lately and I realized the other day that I just feel better and so have more energy to get more accomplished. It was kind of weird to be outside working in the yard and noticing it was time to quit because this was about as much as I normally do but then I realized I still felt good and could get a lot more done so I did. Take care.

  2. Thank you! I will write more in the morning -off to bed!

  3. I totally agree. I think we must be on the same page, because today's post is along these same lines. Why do we settle for so little, when we are capable of such great things? I am completely guilty of this and am trying to change. But it seems like the "old ways" are easily allowed to creep back in.

    Best of luck to your husband. Hoping his surgery is quick and successful!

  4. I have lived my life with that philosophy. You are giving your friends and readers some great advice. My wife and I have resigned ourselves to living life to the fullest, and we do! Best to you and yours.

  5. I'm so glad to read your husband is gearing up his body for the surgery. I'm sure that will help the healing process.

    I loved hearing about the 93 yr old lady... she sounds spunky!


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