Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Wishes

So I've heard that most of the country has missed out on winter this year.  Except for us lucky ducks up north who are apparently getting another cold shot sent down from our neighbors to the further north.  Humph I say, those darn Canadians!

Well bleah! I've had enough.  We've had and are still having (with our nights near freezing temps) plenty of winter right here in the northwest.  Come on over and take a look at our mossy rooftops, muddy lawns and our inability to pull off any of the cute spring clothes (at least not without visible shivering) that are splashed all over the target ad right now.  Seriously, you can't really think that donning a hot pink t-shirt is really gonna' make you believe it's spring when the cold drizzle and grey skies are still all around.  But maybe I'll get me one of those bikinis for later use in August when our whole two weeks of summer will make me feel like I need something like that. 

Oh wait sunshine doesn't actually magically produce the body for such things, but hey at least I have an answer for those tourists that always ask how in the world it's still so green here, even in the 'summertime'...

Anyway, all this talk of the impending Spring has got me thinking.  It will officially be Spring in about 18 days or so and whatever the heck the weather is like, I intend to participate.

I've got one more Spring/Summer season left here for sure as my husband works through his impending surgery and recovery.  And I'm gonna' make the most of it.  So I'm starting out by heading off to get me some Spring color that I CAN actually pull off.  I'll be bringing home some pretty flowers to spruce up the yard and patio areas.  I'll keep it the plants in areas that are pretty protected from the cold for now.  Heck, I may even bring some of the plants inside the house where I can really enjoy them.  Whatever makes me feel like the weather is changing, even if it isn't quite true- YET.


  1. I am ready for spring too! Although we have actually had a few warm days here. We had a crazy little snow storm two nights ago. It was down in the 20's and windy. Then yesterday it was very nice and in the high 60's. Crazy.

    All we have near our home is brown. Blah! I am sooo ready for spring time, green and colorful yards. Not that my yard is ever very green, but others' are and I can enjoy their yards.

    I drive my family crazy by opening EVERY curtain in the house first thing in the morning. Even when it's not very warm out its usually sunny here. Which is why I love good old Colorado! Lots and lots of sun, even when it's cold!

  2. I am more ready for spring than I have ever been in my life! It is so cold here and I am really getting tired of it.
    We couldn't walk today because it was too cold.
    It was sunny here today os that was one good thing!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Just read your comment...
    Thank you .


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