Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Day Ever!!!!!!

For at least the last few years, my nephew Nathan has had a really hard time remembering that he already knows how to swim.  I had shown him photos of himself swimming as a baby and toddler when I used to take him to swim classes.  It didn't help.  He just couldn't believe that he could swim. 

Every time I took him to a pool or a lake he felt really insecure trying to swim without wearing a life jacket.  Now, I'm all for life jackets when they are appropriate for safety.  However, it always seemed sad that Nathan would spend all his time being insecure and maybe on the last day of a week long trip start to finally swim on his own again. 

Not so, this time in Palm Springs!  Nathan used his life jacket for about 5 minutes. 

Then, with a little urging from his Dad, he began diving for coins at the bottom of the pool.

All this while telling me that he still couldn't really swim ACROSS the pool....

Funny how quickly he proved himself wrong!
It was super cool to see Nathan's confidence grow so much and have him realize right away that he is a great swimmer.  This time there was no time wasted being hesitant or scared.  I just love watching Nathan enjoy himself so thoroughly and knowing that at 10 years old, he will always have this wonderful memory of swimming so freely and loving his time in the pool at Palm Springs. 


  1. You are making memories with that little boy-ones he will never forget. It's heartwarming to read stories like this. We should all work with kids whenever we can. They look up to us with such trust and we can do so much to help them through this life. Take care.

  2. I laughed when I read that part about him saying he couldn't do something while he was doing it. His brain literally hadn't caught up to his body. Too funny. It makes a person wonder how many things we talk ourselves out of being able to do on a daily basis. Or flipping that, how many thing we could talk ourselves into doing. In other words, how much capacity do we have? If we just accepted that maybe we could do something, could we actually do it???? With Nathan you planted that seed. Who knows what child can accomplish? All he has to do is remember the swimming and remind himself that he CAN do it. What a wonderful lesson that has the potential to extend far beyond swimming. You are a wonderful teacher for him, Jasmine. And I am sure that he appreciates all of the love you bring to his life:-)

  3. Is swimming like riding a bicycle? Something that once you learn how to do you never forget? I hope so. I haven't swam in years and I never was a very good swimmer. I'm actually fairly afraid of water.

    Which now I'm wondering: I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was a kid. Is it true that you always remember how to ride a bike once you've learned?

    A Faraway View

  4. Hooray for Nathan! This is such a happy story for a cloudy morning. Thanks!

  5. Awww! That is so awesome! Glad he found his confidence.


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