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As my previous post indicated, I have been mulling some things over.

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I agree with most of you, that there is not a whole lot that I can personally do to change anyone's mind about politics and where this country is headed.  I can inform should I choose to do so.  I can answer questions if they are asked in a real way- not the good old 'let's back the stupid idiot who actually thinks I care about their viewpoints into a corner and rip them to shreds' way that I have found only liberals have mastered.

I should probably not get into it too deeply with those (that I am mostly surrounded by) on the left because it will only serve to hurt my sensibilities and I will not have accomplished much of anything.  Sad, but true...

I had pretty much decided with the New Year that I would try hard to right things in my life that I would like to change and let go of some more of the things that I cannot change no matter how hard I try-  including stopping my bad habit of sitting back and taking it way too often when I am abused by leftist people who feel completely justified in their lack of understanding of anyone who doesn't think exactly as they do.  Not to mention their disgusted reactions when you bother to inform them that you are one of 'those people' who might actually have another opinion.

It is true that until the crap hits the fan and their pocket books, I am only hurting myself by trying to save anyone from anything.  Hmmm... sounds a lot like what I did with my sister for years.  Not productive at any rate.  It's time to stop beating my head against the wall and all that....

So, in the interest of being honest I want to clarify something that has not come across clearly.  I think this happened because I have let the current political climate get to me and am afraid of making anyone feel bad or not like me because I have become one of those 'evil rich people'.  While I am neither evil or rich (yet- we will certainly be proud of what we have accomplished when the day comes that we can actually cop to being rich, as we believe that those who work hard enough to become rich are fulfilling the American dream and will use the money and influence they have to help others fulfill that dream as well.) I think that in today's USA the two- being evil &/or rich, seem to be interchangeable and that is just so damn sad.  My husband saw a bumper sticker proclaiming:  We are the 99% and he asked me if he should get one that reads:  I am not an NBA basketball star.  He feels as if we celebrate mediocrity today as if it is some badge of honor.  Unfortunately, I think he's right on.

Anyway.... without further ado, I shall explain. 

I Do NOT live in California.  My husband and I recently purchased a condo in Palm Springs, CA so that we can escape on a more regular basis from the nasty weather that basically defines the Pacific Northwest.  We will be lucky to be able to use our Palm Springs place for 8 weeks out of the year.  We also saw the unique opportunity that is today's lousy housing market as hopefully a one time chance for us to get into the Palm Springs market at the entry level. 

We do see California as the messed up place that it is.  My husband actually coined the phrase San Fran Sewer to describe how he feels about San Francisco and what it has become because of liberal policies.  HOWEVER, I must tell you that as for Palm Springs it serves as a little oasis in the desert when it comes to California politics.  It is truly a 50/50 split much more so than the western part of the northwest where we are actually residents.  I know that may seem shocking.  We have also noticed that our bills from the PS condo contain many less frivolous taxes and lower rates for utilities than here at home! 

Until you have lived in the Seattle area you cannot understand the level of militant liberalism that permeates this place.  (I actually had an interesting conversation at a party the other night about how much many of us agreed that Seattle will eventually ban cars and how we all had experienced having a pedestrian bang on some part of our car because they didn't like how we were in their way!)  Yes, California does deserve the bad reputation they have, but honestly in Palm Springs it is such a unique cross of retirees and young trendy people.  It is hard to describe and feels pretty magical.  Hence, our decision to actually purchase a second home there.  That and the 350 days a year of sun- it really does this woman who is allergic to trees and mold/mildew a whole lot of good!

And until I can get to Texas, Palm Springs is the best and closest thing I can do for sun and sanity!  That and keeping up with my conservative groups (-our closest one had to join with the next county as it went under due to lack of interest; we're lucky to see a group of 50 who will admit publicly to being non-liberal around here!) and continuing to help with local political campaigns- all part of my plan to ward off the crazy!

Thanks for all the interest in my questions and thanks for all the suggestions.  I so appreciate it.  While I am worried about the future, I know I can never give up.


  1. I think the question simply becomes how can you keep your sanity in this environment? Is it possible to be around these people at all, even if politics are not discussed? If you can answer yes to that, then I would do that. If not, then I would cut them off completely. You already know that having toxic in your life puts toxic in your life. You have lived a version of this already. It took you so long to free yourself of it. Don't make this lesson be so long;)

    You and I have had talks about lessons and how they keep coming back. I think sometimes we get variations on a lesson *just to be sure* that we have learned it once and for all. Did we really get it or not? If we really got it then we will recognize the toxicity and walk away. If we didn't, we will try to wheel and deal and make it bearable. For other people. And try to convince ourselves that it is for us, too. But, the truth is that it is TOXIC for us. And if that is the truth, then it isn't for us. We have to dig deeper. Once we know why we are doing it, we can quit it.

    I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished. Your husband, too. You both have worked so hard. I have no doubt that you will get to Texas. And it will be like sunshine. Not just the weather, but the people and attitudes. It will feed your soul after a long famine. I am praying it happens for you soon!


  2. I applaud the accomplishments of people who work for it. They used to call that the American Dream. When you listen to the Coronation speech tomorrow, let us know if the dream is now different. There is nothing to clarify. 150 million people agree with you, and millions more just vote without a clue.

  3. Here's something I find interesting about liberals...

    If you tell them what you truly believe (without mentioning that you're a conservative or libertarian), they will readily agree with you. Liberals have NO clue what we actually believe because they bought into the Big Lie. And, on top of that...they expect US to pay our fair share, but ask them about Al Gore's energy sucking mansion or bring up Michael Moore's hypocrisy and it's like you've just crucified their religious figure.

    JJ is right. Clueless.


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