Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sound Of Freedom

Last night my little chihuahua was getting really excited and running around the yard every time I let him out.  He was so distracted that he wasn't getting his business done and kept asking to go back out, over and over.
He's only 4 months old and sometimes still needs me to go out with him and keep him focused on the job at hand.
Finally I stepped out into the cold, clear night and realized what was going on.
I live about 3 miles from a gun range.  I rarely hear anything at all from this range.
But last night there was a clear and constant barrage of bullets that although not loud was certainly noticeable.
I often get a heart swell when I hear that sound.  It reminds me of what so many have fought for and died for.  Just like my little dog, there is not any real fear but a kind of emotional excitement that fills me inside.
I went out with the dog and stood in the cold and listened for a long time.
The sound of freedom is beautiful indeed.


  1. Love this. Indeed it is the sound of freedom.

  2. That is a nice sound!
    We don't have a shooting range close, but the field behind us often is mistaken for one. :-) Part of living out of the city limits!

    I have read the last few of your posts but was unable to comment. (tech issues on my end) But I have liked each one. It seems we agree on quite a bit.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  3. Jasmine: PLEASE visit The Disconnected Writer. My post on Space travel has resulted in a gun control debate.

  4. Hey girl, I dedicated something to you back on my last post HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY... yeah that was last week. And you saw it and hated it or you didn't see it. I am being optimistic and going with didn't see it. So, this is your "heads up." Please stop by and take a look-see. Later girl:)


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