Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What If Wednesday, Update/Pet Edition

Hi All-
I could go on about how I so much wanted to post something on another day this week, but hey I'm here now.  Let's do this!

I've got my dogs on the brain right now.  I have been meaning to post an 'update' pertaining to many things I have blogged about before and I realized that so many of those items have something to do with my dogs.
So here we go, let's see how this combo works out!

First the updates-
1) The 40th Birthday party rocked!  I heard from so many people that this was the best party they have been to in a very long time!  I think we got our 70's theme down just right  and Elvis was such a hit!

We held the party at a friends place that used to be a church so it was one big giant hall of sorts.  
We went with 70's colors for the cake-

We had a pet rock making station!

Our friends place is already decorated in mid-century modern and then we added extra 70's goodies
like smiley face decor-

Album covers and wooden serveware-

Lava lamps-

And wine bottles covered in wax drippings-

 And of course, Elvis- in full 70's jumpsuit glory!
 My old lady neighbor- the one I bring the beer to- really got her groove on!!!

2) My chihuahua, Tanner, is now in love with agility.  He literally asks, with a particularly beg-worthy face, to do it all the time!  He can do a row of hurdles with no problem and he loves to finish by jumping high through a hoop and then taking a bow.  I am working on making a pvc teeter-totter for him and I will be adding a tunnel to his practice equipment.  I have got to get some photos of this!

3) As for my 100 day challenge:  I am 54 days in and have missed only 4 nights of making sure to wash and moisturize my face at night, as well as doing it in the morning- which I always do.  Boy have I seen a huge difference in the breakout issues I get.  It is such a big improvement.  I will be sticking with this!  Now my two dogs, Hailey and Tanner, are inspiring me to start a new 100 day challenge.  I am going to do some sort of outdoor walk/exercise with them every day for 100 days.  The weather in the northwest is particularly depressing/grey/misty/rainy at this time of year.  But I figure I'd better get a good start on being outdoors all the time when I move to California and the dogs will love it!

4) My dogs also love it that I am home more now that I am finished with the Hawaii moving project for my friend.  They haven't yet figured out why I am moving/cleaning/boxing/bagging everything in sight.  I know they will be happy when they figure out it means we are moving to a warm sunny place!

So that's all I can think of in the update arena, but you can see why I have dogs on my mind!  So now it's finally on to today's 'What If Wednesday' question.  I am inspired by the fact that I just made sure to make note of relevant and identifying info and put it in several safe places to be sure it can be found and used, should I ever need to.  Not that I would want to...  Today's 'What If" is:  What if your pet/s went missing?  Do you have a plan to help locate them?  Are your pets micro-chipped?  If so, are their micro-chip numbers registered with a service?  Do you even remember what the name of the service is?!  Do you have recent pictures of your pets handy? 

My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am!


  1. 1- pet rocks rock!
    2- those blue eyes are amazing
    3- my hubby runs 3 lava lamps in his office all day....just sayin'

  2. The pet rocks were such a hit. Most of our 45 guests made at least one.
    Those blue eyes belong to my friends little guy. I guess God made her wait 7 years to get him to make sure he was absolutely perfect.
    I had forgotten how fun lava lamps are. I can see why your hubby has them.

  3. The party sounds like a hoot! Fun!

    1. It was! It was especially fun to see people together that would never otherwise cross paths in our world.


  5. 1) I am so happy that your party was a hit! I love the pictures. You have me thinking (again) about that Ryan Gosling interview I dedicated to you on a Thursday post a while back. Everyone loves Elvis!!!

    2) You must video Tanner running his circuit. That is the cutest thing!!!

    3) I completely forgot about your 100 day challenge. I am thrilled that it worked for you and that you are seeing improvement. And now you want to add another one! Fantastic!!!!

    4) Moving. Wow. I have so many feelings about it having done it so much. But, a good move, an exciting move, a change for the better.... boy, that makes it all go down easier!

    Our dog isn't chipped. Her collar information is up to date. She is very good about not leaving the yard. When we first moved here, she wanted to run out the door, but no more. Since I've been walking her daily she knows what is out there. She has lost that need to bolt out the door. So, if she went missing, I fear that it would be nefarious... as in someone stealing her out of our yard. In that event, a chip would be useless. Those people who steal people's pets for dog experiments are the lowest of the low. Well, that and the people who do dog experiments.

    1. Yup, now you know for sure that I wasn't kidding about being friends with an Elvis impersonator! And a dang good one too...
      A video is a good idea. Do you know of a way to post one onto blogger without first having to put up a you tube video or the like?
      I think the idea of only doing 100 days at a time to try something is a really good one for me!
      Right now I am in the throes of getting stuff ready to move and I am excited. For me this will be a really good thing so that motivates me.
      Man, I never thought about weirdos doing experiments on dogs. We have had some issues with cult type animal sacrifice weirdos over the years out here on the west coast. Dang, animal cruelty people should meet the same fate they dish out to the animals, shouldn't they?

  6. We would have to worry about a plan to keep our German shepherd who is very territorial not to hurt someone walking up the road with their dog(s). No way would he get lost. He is famous among the UPS and FedEx delivery people. Our postal carrier just leaves any packages on top of the mailbox at the end of the lane - no way is he/she coming up the lane with it. :-)


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