Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three Weeks

Over the last week or so, there has been more enough excitement around here and not in a good way.  First our Palm Springs condo was flooded in the utility closet by our upstairs neighbor whose management company failed to shut off the water when leaving the condo vacant for an extended period of time.  Dealing with them accusing us of possibly being the source of the leak (since when does water go up?!) and then getting them to finally come and do something about the damage has been none too peachy.  I can start to see why people jump to sue. Now our trusty old computer of 7 plus years has finally decided to give up the ghost.  I am currently blogging on a cheap tablet-not so fun.   However, my nephew will be here tonight and we have lots of swimming, boating and fishing to do.  Not to mention his trip to Vegas that he earned by doing exceptionally hard work during his schooling this year.  So we are going to concentrate on having a blast over the next 3 weeks and deal with life's little annoyances as little as possible!


  1. As they say, "Stuff happens". I know your time with your nephew will more than make up for this aggravation. My laptop is in the shop and I have to wait until my son can let me use his. Our ancient desktop is ready for the junk heap as well. I guess we will just carry on won't we?

  2. What a pain. So sorry to read this...

    Viva Las Vegas!!!

  3. Woohoo for Vegas! And hey, at least your computer made it 7 years. Most of mine last 2 years tops. And I don't even use them for anything more than writing novels and browsing the web.


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