Friday, August 29, 2014

To Beach Or Not To Beach

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we have it all together.  And then a series of events piles up like traffic on the San Diego freeway and we end up feeling like a great big moron!
No sooner had I patted myself on the back for my great organizational skills on display as I whipped everything into shape faster than lightening when it came to our big move-  I mean who else could sell off half of their stuff, sell their house and get moved over 1200 miles into new place pretty darn seamlessly???  And in 23 days???  Ah, but I forgot one giant detail that has proceeded to glare me in the face and laugh maniacally at my naïveté.

 Folks, we are not apartment people.  Not even for a short term kind of deal.  How in the heck did I manage to forget that I once spent 4 years in a 580 sq. Foot dump of a rental house simply to avoid apartment living???  Not to mention that I have always called them compartments and wondered where the 'apart' part came in!

Sure, I own a vacation condo, but let me assure you- that is completely different.  You don't like your noisy neighbor?  No worries- they or you will be gone soon.  And really, there's never more than half occupancy anyway so that issue is rare.  Plus there's that little issue of ownership- makes a huge difference.  And let's not forget smokers have to live somewhere so naturally they end up next door to me in every apartment I've ever been in.  Llet's just say that my pride in my abilities to organize my own self and issues has taken a giant hit!

So now that we have made the choice to move yet again as I do not wish to join the ranks of my crazy relatives and possibly cause bodily harm to others, I'm feeling a little less than expert at decision making these days.  My husband wants to take the opportunity to move closer to the beach, but that's expensive.  I think I agree with him that we should go ahead and dive into the California culture while we are here.  And yet, I fear being in a smaller place, even though I know I was capable of doing'tiny'in the past.  I just do not want to feel like I have not managed to find the right place to call home- yet again. 

What do you think?  Have I become a 'suburban' girl who can't live without her space?  Or will I regret not having done the beach thing even more?  I'm especially interested in hearing from the beach dwellers out there!!!


  1. Honestly, I've gone to the extreme the other way...the fewer people the better.... As a rule of thumb, people en masse make me nervous.

  2. I think you are the only one who answer that question. Some people love water, others do not. I'm one of the "do not's." ........... But unfortunately my husband owned beach property when we married and it was his home. I thought I could live there and be happy but for 25 years I used every opportunity I could find, to return to the mountains. I find the surf noisily intrusive and I could almost watch metal rust. On the other hand, my husband was content without the song birds and didn't mind the constant replacing of appliances. The sea air is extremely healing to many people and that is always a favorable consideration to be near the beach. It seems to be a very personal choice and I wish you luck in your decision making.

  3. Since you don't know the answer... have you considered renting a house on the beach? Or renting a house not on the beach? Maybe renting a house somewhere is the answer (rather than buying). I don't like to buy unless I have a pretty good idea what I want. Maybe that comes from too much buying when I had no idea what I was getting... and I am not talking about houses.

  4. It is funny, but my wife and I are considering buying a house on or near the beach. Give me the mountains of New Hampshire any day, but my wife hates the cold. St. Augustine is beautiful, but people live there. I prefer animals, but I am learning to play nicely with others.

    In any event, Manzi is right. It is a personal choice - except for one. Don't dive into California culture whatever you decide or you'll end up as a loonie in a rubber room at Pleasant Acres! I notice you have not changed the name of your blog, thank God. At least hang on to that Lone Star spirit. Be well.

  5. BEACH! BEACH! BEACH! If I could, I would buy or rent a house on the beach. That's my happy place. ;)


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