Thursday, August 14, 2014

What If Wednesday- A Little Digging

Alright y'all, it's time to get my act together around here- come broken computers or flooded vacation condos!
This installment of 'What If Wednesday' is brought to you by my husband who likes to find himself in interesting situations that he's managed to dig himself into.  And believe me he has managed to get himself into some doozies- like that time he dug a ditch with a guy that turned out to be a serial killer. Seriously, a true story.  But a story for another day!

This week's 'What If' is this:  What if you researched your family tree?  Even just a little bit?
The box and the tree, by njaj/ found at:

Since I have no information about my father's side, I have always assumed that there was not much that I could learn from working through my family tree.  My husband has had a lot of fun proving me wrong!  After finding that his family tree is pretty much exactly as his mother and grandmother had told him, he decided that it would be enjoyable to unearth some mystery and excitement by seeing what he could dig up for me.

A long story short, my husband found out some pretty interesting stuff.  He found not 1, but 2 cases of women who bore children who were then labeled as siblings rather than their own children and one of these was my great grandmother!  He found a boy orphaned by a mother who died in childbirth and a father who died in the civil war.  He also found more than one record of people who spent time in mental hospitals- thereby proving that when I mention that I come from a long line of crazy and that people ought not push it, these are not empty threats!

This whole excercise turned out to be a lot of fun and I'm glad my husband dug down this path.  What about you? What might you know or learn from exploring your family tree?!


  1. I am glad your husband decided to investigate on your behalf. That is some interesting stuff!

    My mom spent some time on one of those internet sites investigating the family tree. I think she enjoyed it while she was doing it. Maybe I will hit a time in my life when that becomes important to me and I will be thankful that others have filled in so many blanks. I bet my dad's side of the family is filled with some "crazy" too. Ha!

  2. Jasmine
    That must have been an interesting turn of events for you. Kind of a colorful background. I'm afraid mine would be so colorful that I may never show my face again..... Kidding reallyi. You are lucky you are in warm weather if your condo is flooded.....broken computers too, huh? So is mine a pile of junk right now and i had to get a new one but everything has changed on them since my old was born. It feels like I'm starting all over again. I guess that's what I get for keeping a computer long past is usefulness. LOL Enjoy your weekend.

  3. It's easy for me. I'm Italian. My ancestors hunted in packs.


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