Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Isn't it amazing how when we look back over just one year we can often see so much cathartic change?  How we never could have imagined what life would be like?  And if someone would have told us, we just would not have believed it?

My husband and I will be going to Oregon for the long holiday weekend to celebrate with my nephew and his Dad in a town called Independence.  From what I've heard it should prove to be a lovely small-town, home style celebration. 

Independence, OR 4th of July parade

Who would have ever thought that it would feel so good to spend a holiday with my ex-brother-in-law?  That I would be looking forward to how simple and freeing it is to know the time we spend with him is never chaotic or dramatic, just honest and real?  That I know my nephew is right where he should be...

This year I will be celebrating the fact that I finally, truly broke free of the idea that family really ever had anything to do with where a person happens to land when they are born.  Instead, family grows over time in a dynamic way and we get to choose who we bestow the title upon.

Have a wonderful 4th and take care of yourselves!


  1. The 4th is my wife's birthday, and we always have a wonderful day.

  2. @JJ- Oooh, fireworks for your birthday every year. How cool!


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