Monday, October 1, 2012

Some People...

Ever have one of those weeks?!

Yeah, I know.  We all do sometimes.

Dang, sometimes I just don't get people.

Let me tell you about this past week for me....

Fresh off my excitement of finally realizing one great big dream of mine, I was feeling so grateful.  And naturally, I should.  I get that.

I had gotten the call that we had an accepted offer on the Palm Springs, CA condo that my husband and I have wanted so much.  I got that call while I was with a friend that I was helping to liquidate his entire estate.  Talk about a contrast of feelings- to get such happy news while dealing with such a sad situation!  My friend had been going through a home foreclosure, after losing his wife last year.

As luck would have it, my family ran an estate liquidation service when I was growing up, so I knew I could help.  I came as soon as his other friends, who had promised to help, bagged out on the project- and got right to work.  I brought along some of our dance club friends and we all busted our butts for one very long week.

The sale went really well and we made awesome progress on emptying out the entire house.  My friend was to receive $3,000 if he got out and left the house empty by the deadline this past weekend.  An inspector would be arriving at the deadline to sign off on paperwork that would assure him of getting the money.

Things were cruising along and my friends and I were all working together so well.  Everybody really pitched in and did whatever they could.  We were all so exhausted, but kept on moving toward that deadline.  We knew we could do it.  We were not stopping until the work was done. 

At different times during the week this man's siblings would drop by.  They never stayed for long and only occasionally took items away that needed to be stored in a place that his sister had set up for him.  I was a bit frustrated by this behavior, but simply charged on.  There was no time to argue or worry about this.

Then, on the last day before the deadline, as we were all sweeping and vacuuming and clearing out the last of the items a moment came that just made me so angry I could have spit.  (And I think spitting is super yucky!)

My friends sister comes back to the house.  She is supposed to be taking the big pile of boxes from the garage to the storage area.  This is really the last big thing that needs to be done so my friend can be out of the house on time.  Instead of doing what she said she would do and what desperately needed to be done, because of the looming deadline, this man's sister decided that she didn't have time to take the boxes before she needed to be back at work.

To add insult to injury, my friends sister did decide that she would be taking the vacuum that was promised to her that we were still using.

I was not only dumbfounded by this behavior.  I was just pissed off.

After picking my jaw up off the floor and realizing that this man's sister was clearly trying to sabotage his progress, my friends and I quickly changed gears.  We loaded up those boxes ourselves into our own vehicles, rented a storage unit and got the project done.

I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to see the project through just before the inspector arrived! 

Now, I just hope that vacuum cleaner blows up and spreads dust and a stink that won't go away all over my friends sisters house!!!


  1. You showed great restraint I would say. To make a difficult situation even worse does not speak well of her. She must not be a very happy person herself or she wouldn't do such things. It was so good of you to help him like you did. I am sure he will never forget your kindness. Take care.

  2. You've got me on this one. People are well and truly a mystery. In most cases, I would say depend on your family and find out what friends surprise you like this when the chips are down. But this situation is a reverse of that. I just can't imagine it. Your friend is very blessed to have you and everyone else who pitched in for him. Clearly his family are NOT the people to turn to when the chips are down. An unfortunate situation indeed. I hope that he continues to surround himself with TRUE friends.

    And I concur with Myra on your restraint. And everything else she said.

  3. yes. Some people wait until a person is truly down and out to kick them. She sounds like a passive aggressive person with anger issues.
    Good job holding your temper.

  4. Some people can be just so ugly! You showed great restraint, indeed. I don't think I would have been able to keep my mouth shut. Good for you and your friends, for stepping up and helping your friend out. That's awesome!

  5. ahhhhh you DID show restraint.
    yer my heroine :)

  6. How crazy! It sounds like she was trying to sabotage the process, but WHY?!? Ridiculous.

  7. Coming from a family such as mine, I can see how these types of things occur. I actually have put up with much worse treatment from relatives myself, but somehow it irks me more when I see it happen to someone else.
    The only explanation for this behavior that I can give is pretty simple: some people are passive aggressive, some like to be the one to save the day and resent others who step in to help, some families are so darn manipulative that it seems no one member ever wants to see another succeed in any way. It is as if life is some type of zero sum game and if others do well then it makes certain people feel like they look bad. It doesn't have to make sense. Some people are just whack...

  8. Some people only love themselves and enjoy the misery of others.
    I have seen your comments on Amber's site, Faith Love Kids and Me, who is my daughter, so I decided to check you out. I can understand the jaw on the floor feeling for such outrageous behavior but you proved to her that good people are willing to pick up where selfish and revengeful people leave off. The fact that things turned out well probably made her even more miserable than she was already, and her guilt will follow her always.

  9. um, wow. I don't know if i could have handed over the vacume. I would have maybe told her where she could shove it. WHEN I was done using it.


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