Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Super Quick Update!

Yes folks, it's all true!
I am here in Palm Springs enjoying the vacation home that my husband and I finally closed on just yesterday.  It has been a whirlwind situation around here:  We recorded at 4pm yesterday and by noon today the whole condo had to be emptied out and readied to have our pink carpets dyed brown.  It was either hurry up and do it or live with pink carpet for a lot longer.  Yeah, we busted our butts and got it done!

The puppy update:  Tanner is awesome.  That's all there is to it.  Even with hanging out in a hotel for days waiting for our deal to close and with me being more than a little preoccupied with so many details, this little 8 and 1/2 week old pup has been such a joy and so good to have around!  He truly is probably the best behaved puppy I have ever dealt with.  Honestly!  Hailey has even been more lively than I've seen her in a very long time.  Tanner just makes us all laugh, even through some pretty heavy stress.

We are going to take the whole day on Thanksgiving to just enjoy and relax.  And I hope you will all do the same!

Then, it's back to the grind stone so we can make this place as lovely as the weather and the scenery it is surrounded by.  Well, at least what we can get done in another week and a half.... :) :) :)

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. That is wonderful news. Congratulations!!!!! And enjoy your Thanksgiving. Looking forward to some Tanner and Hailey pics:)

  3. Hope your thanksgiving was awesome!


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