Friday, November 30, 2012

Different Christmas Magic

Yeah it's a little bit weird, I'll admit it.
We've been here in Palm Springs for the past two weeks and my husband and I have yet to really notice that it's Christmas time.
Palm Springs Christmas Trees

Between the beautiful warm 80 degree weather and the fact that we've both been working ourselves to the bone to get our little 80's time capsule vacation condo turned into something a bit more modern, Christmas has really snuck up on us.

I can see now what people mean when they say that it's a little bit strange to be in a place without distinct seasons.  You really have to step outside what you've ever thought of as traditional holidays and just embrace what's new and different to you.  

One thing we remember as completely magical is the tiny beautiful perfect snowflakes we saw in Joshua Tree National Park when we first came to Palm Springs 2 years ago.  It takes very dry conditions to get these; something we would never see in the damp northwest.

Can you see the tiny perfect stars?

We're taking the time to take in what's unique for the holiday season here before we head back home to Seattle in a couple days.  And while I'm happy that I had the forethought to prepare my home early for Christmas before we left for this trip so that I wouldn't feel all frazzled and behind when I got back, I have to admit that the fact that the first person to wish me a Merry Christmas this year was a guy that looked like Jimmy Buffet in a red tropical shirt is probably going to be one of the best memories of the season.


  1. We were in Florida one year for Christmas. In Indiana, it's cold and sometimes we have a white Christmas with snow. To have a Christmas tree in the living room with the windows open and shorts/flips on was just weird so I know how you feel. Christmas is in our hearts. Take care and don't work too hard.

  2. I can imagine Chritmas with 80* and palm trees is just odd. We are slowly becoming accustomed to a warmer Christmas too. Not quite that warm but still the kids are usually out side playing on Christmas day. Although we are in good ol Colorado it is warmer each year, and we are not far enough up the mountain to have the white Christmas we dream of.
    Someday instead of a summer home in Palm Springs, I want a winter home far up in the mountains. I want to enjoy that old fashioned white Christmas, in a log cabin with homemade gifts and a warm fire. I know I was born into the wrong time. :-)

    But when it actually does drop and sit at -10* for a week at a time, I think I will come visit you in Palm Springs. My kids would love the "pool" weather every day!

    Enjoy your time in Palm Springs and have a safe trip back home. :-)
    Glad your new little pal is turning out to be such a good puppy.

  3. Jasmine: It's the same way here in Florida. What a big difference from New Hampshire, where we cut down our own tree each year.

  4. we are so alike.
    ID SO SO SO HAVE PREPARED before I left so I could return to the DONE :-)


  5. Record highs here today. It's hard to feel Christmassy in shorts.


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