Monday, December 10, 2012

New Years Plans, A Small Business Rant & Puppy Love...

...that's my life these days, in a nutshell.

Let me explain.

When I got back home from the Palm Springs trip that involved our getting the new (to us) condo all cleaned out and redone to our liking (and ability, in two weeks time) I was presented with a business opportunity.  I was more than happy to jump on said opportunity because my husband and I had already decided that we are returning to our Palm Springs condo for New Years, and taking our nephew with us!  It turned out that we didn't get the last of our deliveries until the Friday afternoon before we left on Saturday morning to come back home.  Naturally that means we need to go back just to be able to see how much we enjoy the fruits of our labor.  AND Nathan- our nephew- is thrilled beyond words that his school calendar this year allows for a sun break for New Years!

So.... it's on to explaining my small business rant. 

It goes like this:  I took on a huge project that will end on the 23rd, knowing that I wanted to pay for my return trip to Palm Springs.  This project is so large that I needed quite a bit of help in order to get it done on time for the customer.  I lined up help right away.  It seemed like a win-win as I knew several people who definitely needed money right now and some of those had helped me out on a temporary basis in the past.  My plans seemed solid.  I'm not a fly by night kind of gal.  I'm extraordinarily reliable and come with exemplary references, etc., etc.

So when a couple of these people turn out to be major lazy asses who are completely ungrateful for the work I've offered and don't care that they are making me look like a total ass hat, well- I'm less than impressed and might or might not have even wished that their inability to pay their rent on time or make the payment on their new roof might cause them to lose said roofs over their respective heads.  Yeah, I can be nasty like that...  I take business seriously and don't enjoy being taken for a ride.  What can I say?

Anyway, there is a happy ending to this situation:  I have been able to take on more of the work than I had anticipated having time for myself.  And I have been able to bring my new puppy, Tanner, with me to the job site with no problems at all.  The people I am working for love him and can't keep their hands off him.  This has resulted in me already being able to pay for the New Years trip and Tanner's social skills are blossoming.  And last night I did get a voice mail from one worker who just wanted me know how grateful she is for the chance to make some money and how every little bit helps, especially during Christmas.  That one phone call did an awful lot to undo the yucky feelings I have had about the people who have said how much they needed to work and then shown up to do so with rotten attitudes or even bailed on me at the last minute.

So, finally, it's on to the puppy love:  Robin, I will post one giant picture post of love just for you in the very near future.  The rest of you can skip it if it makes you want to puke.  I get it.  In the mean time, just know that every last moment I can spare is being spent loving on our dogs Hailey and Tanner.  Hailey is great with the new pup and I have actually found myself wishing he wouldn't grow up so fast.  I am really loving this process of puppy raising that I was so afraid of.  It has been such a true blessing.  My husband and I have not smiled and laughed so much in I don't know how long.  I really cannot express enough how good this little surprise has worked out for us, even amidst our condo chaos and all that is the holiday season.  It feels like this year we're getting to stop and enjoy everything through the new little guys eyes. 

Of course some of that is because if we don't watch him carefully he'll chew everything in sight and pee on the artificial Christmas tree...!


  1. Ah, Jasmine, I know that you took time out of your busy life to do this just for me and I feel so overcome with something. I think it is love for my fellow man. That has been in short supply here lately, so it is hard to recognize the feeling, but I am fairly certain that is it. You are awesome!!! Thanks for posting this and letting we who love you know how you are doing:):):)

    And that pup is so darn adorable I just want to snuggle him something fierce!!!

  2. I don't know about my fellow man, but I never met a dog I didn't like.

  3. Puppies are fun for sure but the chewing can be a problem. Shoes especially. Glad things are working out for you.

  4. How fun for you all and your nephew to be able to spend New Years in Palm Springs! It's great to see how you make time to spend with your nephew! He will always remember these special times with you!

    And the doggies are too cute! They look like they are very happy sitting there together!

    1. That picture is a Christmas miracle that probably will never occur again. The doggies DO love each other and it's all been wonderful. However, my Hailey absolutely loathes cameras and I never get her picture looking anything but sad. This was her gift to me this year, I think.

  5. Yikes... one of my pet peeves: employees with an entitlement mentality! So glad it all worked out, and the job got done.

    And that Tanner is sooo cute! How fun you got to take him to work with you. That's so wonderful for a new pup, not to be left alone, but to get to bond with you like that. Had to giggle at the image of him trying to pee on the artificial tree. :-D

    1. Tanner is small, but amazingly tenacious!
      I have absolutely loved this bonding time with Tanner and am so glad we had the first two weeks with him while my husband was home to bond as well. Now my husband clearly looks forward to seeing Tanner after work every night.


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