Friday, December 28, 2012

Robin, This One Is Especially For YOU!

Hi all!  I'm finally gonna' do some catch up here in blogland.  Soooo..... without further ado, it's time for that cutesy dog post I promised.  You've been warned.

On the day we got Tanner, he looked like this:
He was a little tan fur ball with a white blaze on his chest, white back toes and green eyes.

On his very first night at home, our dog Hailey was already willing to share her favorite spot with him.

He made himself quite comfortable.  I thought even his little backside was cute.

 Tanner got to meet our nephew Nathan the very next day as we were already on our way down to Palm Springs to close on our condo.  Obviously, Nathan thought Tanner was pretty cool.

We ended up waiting in a motel for days while the kinks were ironed out with our seller.  Tanner proved to be a pretty mellow fellow through it all.

Hailey and Tanner made themselves comfortable in the condo right away.  
They didn't mind the 80's furniture one bit.

When we checked out the dog area at the condo's west wall, we found out that Tanner wanted to help take Hailey for a walk and that he would hop like a bunny to keep his feet from getting wet in the the long grass.

Tanner's ears were flopped over for about the first week that we had him.  He looked like a little teddy bear.  Many people mentioned that he seemed a lot like a 'live' stuffed animal.
 Then one night he had one ear that was starting to go up.  The next morning he looked like this:
He was really starting to look like a Chihuahua!

There was a lot of work that needed to be done in the condo and all that being held in one hand while my husband or I would clean and scrub and move things around with the other hand was exhausting for Tanner.

But he found a really great place to rest!

 Hailey is sweet and will put up with almost anything from Tanner.....
 But when she's done, she's done.....  everybody has their limits!
(This is one of my absolute favorite pictures!)

 We have had so much fun with this little guy.  He is super easy to train and really made this Christmas time special for all of us.  It was a little tough because I took on extra work and then I was also surprised to note how challenging it was to have a big family holiday without our dog Parker this year.  Many people mentioned that they had so many wonderful memories of our Parker and also told me how much they really like our new little dude.  I would never want to put any pressure on a pet to heal a hurt, and yet Tanner has been just what we needed, just as he is.
......and it looks like the green eyes are here to stay!


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  2. Jasmine, he is so cute. He did look stuffed with his ears down. So adorable, but not quite real. When those ears popped up, that was something! I love how Hailie is with him. And she does appear to be endlessly tolerant... but I did love that last picture. When she hits the end of her patience, she is DONE. Maybe dogs and humans are a little more alike than we thought! I know that Shelby was so much like an actual baby when she was a puppy. She would get nasty when she needed a nap. Put her in her crate and she would go right to sleep and when she woke up, she was all "sunshine" again. It was just like watching a little kid. Too funny!!!

    Love this! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. You are absolutely right about the dogs and kids thing in so many ways! I promise I will get back to more regular blogging. I have so many things rolling around in my head both good and bad that it's almost paralyzing, 'writing-wise' that is. I understand that life and the show as they say must go on and yet I am so conflicted inside lately. When I get back from our latest trip to Palm Springs for New Years I think I'll have some things sorted out and might be better able to share them.

  3. What a cute little puppy!
    And glad to hear/see that Hailey is so patient with the new little guy!

    Hope you all had a great Christmas!

  4. Nothing in the world better than a dog. Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. I'm a new follower...what a sweet little dog! Happy New Year to you!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad I caught this post... I should be in bed but had to look and re-look at all these adorable and FUNNY photos! What pair, they are so cute. And those ears... popping up to attention in one day. Soooo sweet and comical.

    I hope you've had time for yourself, Jasmine, to reflect and sort your stuff out. I hope your New Year is bringing you the answers and peace you need.


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