Friday, November 16, 2012


Ever since we lost our sweet dog Parker a couple of weeks ago, our other dog Hailey has been spending all of her time either moping around or begging for food.

She has certainly been more than a little sad,

just as we have been.

We miss our Parker.  We miss having some 'boy spirit' around here.  We've discussed the idea of looking for another little buddy.  At first we thought we ought to wait until next Spring.  We have so many things going and we definitely don't want to try to replace our Parker.

Recently, my husband and I had decided that we would seek out another dog sooner than later.  We've even floated the idea of seeing if we can't find someone special while we are away on our next trip to Palm Springs, which should be starting this coming weekend.

Yesterday, one of those "divine intervention" kind of things happened.

I was talking with a friend about how much we miss having a boy in the house and how sad our Hailey has been.  We discussed the idea that with family coming around for the holidays that would probably help a bit.

Then suddenly, my friend said she had a crazy idea and that she needed to make a phone call.

She ended up calling her in-laws in South Dakota who are due to come here to the Northwest today, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  These people are small time breeders of chihuahuas.  A couple of years ago I had seriously considered getting a dog from them as I have seen so many of their babies who have ended up in the homes of friends here, and how nice their temperaments are.  Plus my husband really, really wanted a chihuahua.  But alas, at that point the timing was off and we never got a dog from them.

Today, the timing is right. 

Absolutely everything lined up just right and our little Tanner will arrive at the Sea-Tac airport with my friends in-laws by 10am this morning. 

I feel as if I should be thinking about how nutty this all is, taking a new puppy on an immediate road trip down to California, where I have lots of work to do on our new condo. 

But I don't feel that way at all. 

I'm sure you dog lovers can understand.


  1. Tanner is so adorable. Can't wait to see Tanner and Hailey together. I bet she will mother him. Such good news. ::Almost:: makes me want a puppy. Of course, with three dogs already I will be holding off on that...

  2. What a cutie! He has the most adorable little face and eyes.
    Have a great trip with your new little friend!

  3. Aww, he's adorable! Just today, my sister and I were talking about the possibility of getting another dog for my six year old nephew. His puppy was hit by a car and died, in the summer. He still cries himself to sleep because he misses him. Aww, so happy for you!

  4. Now that is a great story. As a dog lover, I have faced that situation several times where you lose one dog and the other is depressed. Getting another companion is a great way to go. Congratulations.

  5. this DOG LOVER soooo gets it :-)



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