Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What If Wednesday: Wild Dreams Edition

Hey all- it's 'What If Wednesday'!  That means I ask a 'what if' question and you give me some answers or at least some fun feedback.  :) :) :)  Oh, and most of the time I let you in on what inspiration led to that days particular 'what if' question.

Today's 'what if' is a big one, but a fun one.  Today I would like your answers to:  What if your wildest dream came true?

Door In The Sky Stock Photo
'Door In The Sky, by Danilo Rizzuti,found  
Lately I have many wild dreams that I am working on.  And I am doing whatever I can to make them happen.  This includes thinking positively and actively using the laws of attraction.  I feel strongly that all of the things that I have not yet achieved, that I truly desire, are not only possible but will happen for me and it is simply a matter of timing and the right situation for everything I desire to become reality.

Right now my wildest dreams include the ones you already know about, moving to Southern California and managing my own vacation rental property.  And then there are the other dreams that I haven't shared so much or at least haven't mentioned in a while.  I still desire to learn to pilot a personal plane.  I want to find a way to make money using another creative/artistic outlet that I haven't explored yet.  I have recently realized that I am inspired to achieve a level of fitness that will allow me to be strong and functional for the life of longevity that I plan to have.  I also want deeply to provide kids who would not otherwise have the chance an opportunity to pursue whatever education level or type it is that they desire, that would in turn make their wildest dreams come true.  I can see myself with all of these dreams fulfilled.

Here is my vision:  I am out in the sun riding my bike or a push scooter.  I take dance classes daily.  I fly several personal planes available to me because I belong to a flying club.  I use my ability to pilot to take kids to visit their educational institutions of choice.  I also fly away to fun travel destinations without the hassle of having my body searched and on my own time schedule.  I have enough money to do the things I want to and I make my salary by doing things that I love and that influence others in a positive way.  I visit my favorite places, including those in and around Southern California and enjoy them to my hearts content.  I am open to the idea of loving Southern California enough to live there for a long time or listening to my heart when it tells me I need to move on.  My life will include people I love and value that also love and value me.  The people I love most of all will be in my life for a very long time.

The vision above is mine and works for me.  What is your vision?  What are your wildest dreams?  What if they came true?


  1. In my dreams, I can walk....crazy, but that is my "wildest" dream.

    1. Totally understand why this is a big dream for you. Did you happen to see the snowboarder, Amy Purdy, on Dancing W/ The Stars? She lost her feet and yet she still snowboards and took runner up in the dancing contest!

  2. That dream of yours a very positive wildest one. Hope it comes true for you.

    Today I was thinking what I would ask for if I had my wish.... and that would be an outside faucet on the west side of my house.

    1. Wild dreams help me to move forward and do more than I ever would if I didn't reach for stuff that is not so easy to achieve. Kind of 'the apple just out of reach helps me to stretch a bit' idea.
      Your west side faucet is totally doable, but I suggest you hire the job out! ;)

  3. I love your plans. I can see all of them coming true for you. I already posted HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY (and there is something for you there), but this post made me think of this:

    It didn't occur to me until I read this post that during the worst of my migraines (let's say 2010 when I started blogging) that I had My Idea to sustain me. Even though I spent the majority of my time in bed I cultivated how I would bring this Idea to fruition. I could see houses being built and people being helped. The longer I remained static with my health, that Idea slipped further away. And then when I came to fairly recent understanding that people with chronic issues actually have Mind-Body Syndrome... it died completely. The doctor who wrote the book and sees patients every day says that only 20% of the people who suffer from Mind-Body Syndrome will accept that as the correct diagnosis. They don't want to accept that it is the stress in their life, the stress over past emotionally scarring experiences that keeps them sick. They only they can do the mental/emotional work and recover. They want a pill. They want a surgery. They want a doctor to fix it for them.

    20%.... and I thought how can I succeed with My Idea as I have cultivated it with that kind of odds? It means figuring out a radical shift with regard to the How of helping people. I still believe that too many people are sick and hurting and don't understand why and it will lead, if there is no safety net, to homelessness. And I still can't imagine anything worse than being So Damn Sick and homeless. No resources. No help. No hope. I still think that building houses for those people all over the country is a good idea. I still think that people who have want to help people who want to help themselves. And yet... knowing what I now know to be true (that if you don't have a tissue disorder, but do have chronic pain, you are suffering from Mind-Body Syndrome)... why would I continue to suggest people throw money at traditional medicine? It is difficult for the healthy people whose dollars would have to fund this operation to accept that these people are physically sick because their emotional wounds are manifesting in physical ways. (I can see people thinking, "You want me to throw money at hypochondriacs? You don't want them to get well via traditional medicine? Are these people even sick?") Of course they are sick. Physically sick. Because their brain is sending messages to various parts of the body to tighten blood vessels, constrict tissue, and this results in severe pain. The brain is complex. It knows people don't want to deal with their emotional garbage, so it gives them a very real physical pain to take up all of their thought, time, and effort. Now, if only 20% of the people who are actually experiencing this accept this reality... what percentage will accept it and fund it? Yeah, that's what I think, too.

    It doesn't mean that it isn't The Truth. It just means that it isn't a popular Truth. If I had all of the money in the world, I could fly in the face of the critics and do it anyway. Since I have to raise that money... I just can't see it. And if you can't see it, you can't believe it. And if you don't believe it, well it isn't happening.

  4. So, for the last year I haven't had any Wildest Dreams. I haven't had any future that makes me excited. I enjoy writing. I was thrilled that I finished my WiP. Less thrilled that it requires so much editing and revision. And not at all sure that being a full-time writer is what I want. I think I might be good at writing like I am singing. I love singing karaoke now and again, but I am not nearly good enough to make a living at it.

    So, your post makes me wonder if not having a Wildest (Achievable) Dream is the thing that is keeping me from a full and complete recovery. What are we if we have nothing to hope for, nothing to look forward to, nothing to reach for? (I hate ending a sentence on a preposition. bah) Now that I have cleared the worst of the trees the landscape is desert as far as I can see. I don't like desert. So, my body chooses to constrict those blood vessels socking me with a migraine keeping me under the shade of the trees.

    I think I need to spend some time dreaming. There is more out there than just desert. I need to figure out what it looks like.

    Wow. Sorry that was so long.

    1. I love that you leave me long comments where I can see your 'process' as it goes! You have hit on so much of why this topic is important to me.
      Sometimes an idea is what keeps us going. It's the seed that makes us start to change. Then over time that idea sometimes changes too. That's totally OK by me. Change is so good for the soul and sometimes we're too afraid to just go for it, so we need that seed and then it sometimes grows into something we didn't see coming.
      Hey, I am a chick who runs a blog called 'A Yellow Rose Of Texas' that was supposed to be all about me moving to Texas. And I'm now on my way to California- ha! So yeah, I'm right there with you and I'm super grateful that my process of blogging about this has brought me to people who are deep enough to get that sometimes things change and that's cool.
      And also yes to the idea that it's a bummer that sometimes our ideas have to change 'cuz they are just not working. And sometimes they don't work when other people just don't get it. I know- it sucks. My husband and I have come to the conclusion that so many people seem good with just checking out by numbing themselves with dope, taking their government hand out and just shutting down. Now that is a rather depressing thought. However, we think that this opens up the point that for those who really want something in life then there is more room at the top. Society itself is weeding out those who just really don't care. We will happily succeed where others are unwilling. It means our hard work will more likely pay off.
      Oh and girl you know that I am right there with you with not knowing yet what my true calling is. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. This used to bug me. Now I just figure I have a lot of adventures to come and that I'm not done learning yet. I am able to focus strongly for a while on something and then I feel the pull to move on. Lucky this doesn't pertain to people in my life! I am fiercely loyal to people so that is good!
      One last thing: I never ever imagined that I would fall in love with the desert. I know you are speaking of a metaphorical desert, but you never know. Look around. You may find your wildest dream in the strangest of places. And yes, I feel dreaming keeps me alive and I know that without it I never would have made it this far. You are worthy of big dreams and I have no doubt you will end up fulfilling some.
      Keep up with your long comments. It works for you.

  5. I love your dream, mostly in that it's not impossible. It's within your grasp if you want it badly enough.

    My dream is simply to grow my writing and share our books with the world. And so far we're doing pretty okay with that.

  6. I dropped by to say hello! I have been absent from blogging for a while, and I did miss your posts. It’s good to be back.


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