Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What If Wednesday: Wild Dreams Edition

Hey all- it's 'What If Wednesday'!  That means I ask a 'what if' question and you give me some answers or at least some fun feedback.  :) :) :)  Oh, and most of the time I let you in on what inspiration led to that days particular 'what if' question.

Today's 'what if' is a big one, but a fun one.  Today I would like your answers to:  What if your wildest dream came true?

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'Door In The Sky, by Danilo Rizzuti,found  
Lately I have many wild dreams that I am working on.  And I am doing whatever I can to make them happen.  This includes thinking positively and actively using the laws of attraction.  I feel strongly that all of the things that I have not yet achieved, that I truly desire, are not only possible but will happen for me and it is simply a matter of timing and the right situation for everything I desire to become reality.

Right now my wildest dreams include the ones you already know about, moving to Southern California and managing my own vacation rental property.  And then there are the other dreams that I haven't shared so much or at least haven't mentioned in a while.  I still desire to learn to pilot a personal plane.  I want to find a way to make money using another creative/artistic outlet that I haven't explored yet.  I have recently realized that I am inspired to achieve a level of fitness that will allow me to be strong and functional for the life of longevity that I plan to have.  I also want deeply to provide kids who would not otherwise have the chance an opportunity to pursue whatever education level or type it is that they desire, that would in turn make their wildest dreams come true.  I can see myself with all of these dreams fulfilled.

Here is my vision:  I am out in the sun riding my bike or a push scooter.  I take dance classes daily.  I fly several personal planes available to me because I belong to a flying club.  I use my ability to pilot to take kids to visit their educational institutions of choice.  I also fly away to fun travel destinations without the hassle of having my body searched and on my own time schedule.  I have enough money to do the things I want to and I make my salary by doing things that I love and that influence others in a positive way.  I visit my favorite places, including those in and around Southern California and enjoy them to my hearts content.  I am open to the idea of loving Southern California enough to live there for a long time or listening to my heart when it tells me I need to move on.  My life will include people I love and value that also love and value me.  The people I love most of all will be in my life for a very long time.

The vision above is mine and works for me.  What is your vision?  What are your wildest dreams?  What if they came true?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Don't Fear The Hurt

As our plans to get to Southern California have heated up this Spring, I have noticed that I have been subconsciously holding back in other areas of my life.  Specifically, with certain friends who I guess I have deemed as being 'too fragile' to handle hanging out and having fun with me just as I am truly planning to leave.
One friend mentioned to me that she understands just how difficult it is to manage deep attachments while simultaneously letting go.  She hit the nail on the head.
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I have lived in this area of the country my entire life.  I have some friends whom I have known since before I started school.  These are actually the friends that I have had the least trouble with remaining close to, even as I go through the process of moving away.  I think I've known that we've been through enough as lifelong friends to know that we will make it in keeping contact, even when I am far away.  It seems to be the newer friends- the good neighbors, the friends I've only had for a few years that have been the sticking point for me.  I have been avoiding them and keeping my distance.
I've realized that I have been holding back because I think I've felt that it's wrong to get close to people that you don't have that much history with and then just pick up and leave them behind.  I've also realized that I'm being hurtful by suddenly pulling back my attention and time, just to supposedly keep these people from being hurt.
Being afraid of hurting people has led me to be hurtful- even though I never meant to be.
Sometimes it's just tough to do the right thing.  And sometimes people get hurt.  But I've come to see that spending time laughing, playing cards and making memories is not wrong.
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People deserve whatever you've got to give them, for however long you can.  And I can't know if those connections are going to last beyond 1,200 miles or if they will simply be pleasant experiences for today.  And that's OK.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What If Wednesday: What If You Grew To Be A Giant?

Hey all- it's 'What If Wednesday'!  And today's installment is being done all in fun.  I've had a rough week so far and I'm ready to take a little detour into the realm of silly.

My inspiration for today's post comes from two sources.  First I had to laugh when I saw this:

Somehow nobody looks really comfortable here!

 But it used to work so well!
 They finally worked it out!

And the second part of my inspiration goes to the dear young man that I was a nanny for, for 9 years.  Luke was always a tall boy.  He knew that there were genes in his family for becoming a VERY tall person.  Some of Luke's male relatives are over 7 feet tall!  I remember him doing everything he could to try to stop his rapid growth.  He would drink coffee from a young age and was always willing to try anything else that would supposedly stunt his growth.  Luke is 21 now and hasn't grown much in the last year.  He is 6 foot 7.  At this height, Luke claims that if he doesn't grown any taller then he will have succeeded in saving himself from becoming 'freakishly tall'.  I'm guessing that from my own 5'4" viewpoint on the world Luke may think of me as simply puny.  And although being short can sometimes be inconvenient, I don't think of it as so tough as being so darn tall that you tower over most other humans.  Still, I am confident that Luke will grow psychologically to accept his own tall statured life as just fine, even if he grows some more.

I can imagine that becoming larger or taller than most people is very difficult, even just for everyday things like driving or walking around inside your own house.  Of course there is an upside.  I know I sure would appreciate some extra height when it comes to trimming my trees and being able to get up onto the roof.  I also like the idea of being able to get away with eating a bit more of my favorite things!

How about you?  Do you see the prospect of becoming a giant as something good or bad?  Would you miss doing some of your favorite things (like my little dog that isn't quite as little as he used to be)?  Or would you embrace the cool stuff that you could do that nobody else can?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Still A Balancing Act

Do you have any friends that always seem to come out on top, no matter what? 
Are you that person that doesn't worry or fret about much of anything and it all just works out for you?

I am a person who doesn't envy much... at all, really.
But oh how I would love to be one of those carefree, footloose souls.

I am working on trusting the universe and knowing deeply that things will work out as they should for all of us.  I feel pretty confident that living whole-heartedly and trusting go hand in hand.  And if you've been reading for a while you know that is a big change for me.  For so many reasons, trusting doesn't come naturally for me and living as if there really isn't anyone or anything out to get you is pretty new to me too.

But sometimes I still get it wrong.  Cuz' living life in a genuine way doesn't guarantee anything.  But then again, living with fear doesn't either.  So I guess I'm learning that it's best to live as if life itself is not out to get you.  And then if something crummy happens in a moment of misjudging, I'll just be human after all.  And that's way better than a fearful emotional mess of a human, anyway.

This insight was brought on by a moment in which I thought I was silly to think the worst possible outcome and then very nearly experiencing just that.  I should have trusted my instinct and not brushed away my doubts as being just negativity creeping in.  $1072.00, an endoscope and the thought that I might have actually permanently harmed my sweet little guy will hopefully teach me to recognize the difference.
No animals were actually harmed beyond minor discomfort- thank goodness!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What If Wednesday, Merely A Curiosity...

Welcome back to yet another episode of "What If Wednesday"!

For those who are new, (via Robin's blog Thank you, Robin!) I try to post a 'What If' type query over here on Wednesdays.  Mostly I like to get conversation flowing along in the comments and will usually blog about what brought me to post that particular 'What If'.

This week's post is a little different than my usual.  This time I am not inspired by something that has struck me in particular or has some bearing on something important to me.  This time I'm gonna' hit y'all up with a 'What If' that simply intrigues me.  I ran upon it while looking for a cute saying to add to address change cards (planning ahead and feeling positive!) and it really has nothing to do with that either.

So here we go: 
What if the one that got away, came back?

I love those stories of people who get together with someone from their long lost past and it all works out so beautifully.  I also know that sometimes the best thing that ever happens is to not end up with the person that you think you want to be with so badly at one particular moment.

I personally do not have a 'one that got away', but I have been the 'one that got away'.  I know this because the guy ended up contacting a friend of mine and telling her all about it.  The feeling wasn't mutual. ;)  And it was way too late anyway...

Do you have a 'one that got away'? Would you want them in your life now or at anytime in the future, say if you were available for a relationship at that time?

Friday, May 2, 2014

If You're Happy And You Know It...

Don't question it!

The explanation is long and complicated and I won't go into it all right now. 

Just understand that for most of my life I have needed to be a 'planner'.  I needed to keep the balls in the air and moving in the right direction.  Nobody else was going to do it and there really was true risk to losing track of all the balls; risks that involve loss of my family, my dignity and my actual physical life, starting at a very young age.  So I took up the job and I got very good at.  Simply the best, you might say.

In taking up a 'job' that I never really wanted, but didn't see any way out of, I managed to lose a lot of myself.  After doing said 'job' for years and years, I forgot about that other real me that was hiding deep inside.

I might have forgotten, but it turns out she's still there!
She was there all along- just waiting for me to call her back out to play!

Silhouette Of Child On Beach Stock Photo
Silhouette Of Child On Beach, Anusorn P nacho found at

The hidden me laughs as everyone has been asking, "why California now?" 
"I thought you were dead set on Texas" they say. 
"Weren't there a lot of things about California that bug you?" they ask.

Frankly, there's a lot of things that bug me about a lot things.  Oh well!

We've loved California enough to buy a second home there.  And that's not a small thing.  Also, California has been good to us over the years.  It's where we renewed our vows 7 years ago.  It's where most of my best memories of fun vacations with friends have happened.  It's a place that, despite its imperfections, my inner me has always truly loved.

And I know now that I deserve to go down to SoCal and enjoy it; for whatever it's worth and for however long it works for me.  There are no rules and I'm not required to keep any balls in the air.

Do you sometimes fight happiness?  Do the rules that you've made for yourself over the years sometimes get in the way?

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