Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Holiday Sharing

Yes, I must admit again how much more difficult it has been than I had imagined it would be to try to fit in some blogging during this holiday season.  But for all the right reasons.....
So much fun and frivolity, a truly enjoyable Christmas this year.  What an absolute gift.
And all of you that read and especially those that respond to what I have to say here are a fabulous gift as well.  So for that I say a heartfelt THANK YOU!  And I offer up a couple of photos that tell some of the story of how things have been for me this Christmas time:

The beauty of taking the time to use the good china and crystal.  Not because I feel I need to.  Instead, because I get to show my loved ones how special they are to me and how
much I feel they deserve to enjoy the best I have to offer.

A father and son.  Reunited.  Finally. 

This holiday season I have been shown again the important lesson that imperfect relationships are beautiful in their own right.  That the love we show to one another through the patience and tenacity we have as humans preserves that which we deem as necessary to our very existence.


  1. Nice....I love good china. And I love father son's a good thing.

  2. We all know that there are so many things that go wrong. Can go wrong. Will go wrong. So celebrate when things go right. Use that good china. Why? Because it is meant to be used for celebrations. And this holiday was one that went exactly right. Can't think of a better time to bring it out and relish in all of the things that went right. Happy holidays and may the New Year continue to bring good stuff your way!

  3. Looks beautiful!
    The father and son look happy!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Loved seeing them playing together! An answer to prayer... right there, live and in person. What a great Christmas present for you. :-)



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