Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Update On My Husband

The visit with the plastic surgeon was extremely informative.  She was super nice.

I only wish the news about what's going on inside my husbands abdomen was just as nice.  But it's not, so...

There is bad news and good news.  The bad: (cuz' I like to get that over with first) he is an example of an extreme case of what happens when massive infection interferes with the natural healing process.  Basically, to quote the surgeon verbatim- "he has zero support for his core at this moment" and everything that can be herniated is herniated.  Things have even managed to move into new and different places.  Amazing, but not in a good way, dang it!

Never fear, there is the good:  this can all be fixed with a hernia specialist and she knows just who to send us to.  And when it's all said and done, my husband will have what the plastic surgeon refers to as a 'two fer'.  He needs his hernias fixed and muscle repaired so he will basically end up with a free tummy tuck (cuz' insurance is definitely on the hook for this).  Thank goodness for that!

The surgery should happen in February.  That gives me some time to figure out creative ways to keep my husband from doing too much during the healing process.  I've already put in a call to his brother so he can visit during that time and they can do fun sitting around kind of stuff...


  1. Knowing they can fix it is the important part. When I was preggo with the last, I got a bad hernia. I was wishing it didn't fix on it's own so I could get the free tummy tuck, but no luck. dang it.

  2. What a blessing that they were able to find out what was wrong, where it went wrong and how to heal it. Wonderful news! So now, on to hoping he takes it easy for the next few months!

  3. oh Man! I hope he feels better soon! I will be praying for him.

  4. Many thanks to all of you! I do see that the news overall is good. It's still a scary prospect, but I know we will get through it and everything will be for the better.


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