Monday, November 28, 2011

Why We Maybe Don't Take Our Sweet Husband Shopping With Us...

Yeah, we started the serious Christmas shopping this past weekend.  Now that Thanksgiving is actually past and we need to get things going so packages might actually get where we need them to go ON TIME this year...

So, there's only one problem.  Y'all know how sweet I've told you that my husband is.  Real thoughtful and all.  He's really tough to say no to.  Especially when he's being all thoughtful of others and those others are cute little kiddos...  Apparently, my husband thinks he's Santa.
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And I must be the Grinch, cuz' now I have to dig into next weeks budget just to put gas in the car for this week.  Oops! 


  1. I'm the soft touch in our family. I can't go past anyone...without giving something. kettle people...safeway colon cancer drives. lol. Well, just think of it this way, you are storing up treasure in heaven.

  2. It's only money. Guess you'll just have to get more of it somewhere. Right? Or how about a bicycle?

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  3. I had to chuckle over this one. We love 'em pieces, yet they still find ways to push our buttons sometimes. Well... in spite of the financial hardship, generosity is not such a bad "flaw" to have. ;-)

  4. Ah, but everyone like Santa!
    Giving to all and loving making all the kiddos happy!


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