Thursday, November 3, 2011

Take A Walk With Me

If you were to take a walk in the desert (hopefully with plenty of water along with you), you might expect to see things like this:

But what if, as you wandered along, you started to notice something unexpected off in the distance?  Like this:

As you get closer, you are treated to this wonderful view:
And what's this?  A pathway leading downward into the shade of those palm trees:

Peeking through the palm fronds:

What do you see?
YES!  It's a beautiful OASIS!

As the palms tower above you, it feels as if you are in a magical place...

...where desert meets dreamland:

Welcome to Palm Canyon, located in the Indian Canyons area, native land of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.  This stunning natural resource is located just 6 and 1/4 miles outside of downtown Palm Springs, CA!  This area is literally right outside the south end of town.

And so it is true, my husband and I have fallen in love with Palm Springs.  It is not only a beautiful and relaxing resort area known for its fabulous golf courses, but there is so much more to it.  We are simply amazed at what Palm Springs has to offer.  And all within an hour and a 1/2 of  Los Angeles and the ocean beaches.

Though Palm Springs is not an area that we could realistically live in until we are retired because of career choices, my husband and I will certainly be pursuing the acquisition of a vacation/investment property in the near future.  Palm Springs is a perfect choice for us in so many ways.  For now, we love escaping from the rain and with 350 days a year of sunshine its a pretty safe bet.  And for the future, Palm Springs has little to no humidity and would be the perfect way to meet up with those we love that we will be leaving behind on the west coast when we do eventually make our move to Texas.  So we are excited and putting our plans "out in the universe" to make them more real.  It has already been a great motivation for me to tighten up the budget with our wonderful goal in mind.  Lord help us when we learn to golf! 


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